aches. i've got aches. from excessive excercise. from my work out last tuesday. and my god, is it a pain to walk these days! yesterday wasn't so bad, i walked for about an hour after work, with a friend to her place. it didn't hurt all that much and she made me a homecooked indian dinner. vindaloo. spicy, but not to much. mmm... and today. i thought about lying in bed all day. which i of course didn't, who in their right mind would call in sick out of aches caused by excercising??!
so at work, i moaned over my aches and got the advice to take a yoga lesson. happy goodlycky me, my gym had a yoga lesson today, so after work, i went to the gym. and had yoga.
and never would i dream of getting sweaty out of yoga. not so much, but that i'd break sweat for posing as a teapot?!? no..! still, it was nice.
i'm not sure if i'm going again, but i wouldn't be surprised. best of all though, is that i'm starting with my excercising again. so that i can loose all that extra weight i gained on the icy island with the incredibly tasty and delicious food. mmm... that people on iceland aren't fatter than any other nation in europe is a mystery to me. cause if i lived on iceland... i'd look like cartman after a week's consumtion of beefcake 4000.


a new beginning

since so much has changed during the past few weeks, i felt it was time for a change here aswell. i came home from the icy island of iceland a couple of weeks ago, which in itself was a big change. to live there and visit beloved ones and all. but when coming home, i didn't go back to school. i got a job and started exercising again after keeping a low profile this summer. the entire house that i live in is changing pipelines and stuff and so a new bathroom and kitchen is due soon. i've already gotten a new refrigerator and a freezer. and also has the ringht wing parties in sweden finally won the election, which i think is about f**king time! also will my first real pay come in the end of this month and that can be seen as a new beginning in one way. well, i hope you guys like it here. i think i'll stick to this for a while.