the trip has started

went to the embassy yesterday, they helped me with an emergency passport, as i applied for a normal passport at the same time. took no more than 20 minutes. the emergency passport is, apparently first of all to help people get out of a country and home. but most countries accept that you travel with it for a limited time. and i'm just going to travel within schengen, so it shouldn't be that bad. *crossing fingers*

stressed to the busstation, to take the first bus. as it came to my turn in the queue, they had 1 seat left for the bus leaving in that exact moment. so i took it, sat on the bus for 7 hours(!) and met up with ante vante at the station. we had dinner, wine, bear and started planning our trip. it's going to be awesome! we leave tomorrow at 8.55 am. the flight is about 1h30min, so we have all day tomorrow getting acquainted with the town, settle in and plan the trip more in detail.

now, i'm going into town, have a sandwich in the sun, lunch with ante vante, meet up with elli-man, see if i can get into my old working place and say hi ho's.


now i've looked (and cleaned more at the same time) for my passport everywhere in the apartment. and i'm talking about everywhere. had i've gotten a euro (worth more than a dollar ;) ) for every corner i've gone through, i'd been... well, maybe not a millionare, but not far from it.

i am in peace with myself about it now, though. it felt awful at first, but as i have eaten and talked with people around me, i feel better. it's not ok to loose your passport. this will probably remind me for my trips to come that i need to check my passport as i'm booking the trip.

i won't be going to gothenburg tomorrow, as planned. instead, i'm hoping that i can take the bus on monday. otherwise, it'll be cutting it tight.

lost and found

been cleaning all day. it's so hot in my apartment, it feels like i'm going to faint. whilst i've been cleaning (and boy, oh boy have i been cleaning), i've found and apparently lost (or can't seem to find, is more appropriate) some stuff.

it's good to clean, cause i've found gift certificates for 700 sek! yippie! and hurray! i'm gonna shop 'til i drop when i come home from my vacation! free money, so to say... ;)
worse is that i can't seem to find my passport. which is so bad, in so many ways. i'm suppose to leave for gothenburg tomorrow and warsaw on wednesday. since i'm not a swedish citizen, i can't just stroll into any police department and get a new passport. i have to go to the icelandic embassy. in stockholm. which opens monday.
i've been searching in most places in the apartment. had to go out and get myself a bite to eat an hour ago, and was seriously wishing that my passport would be floating in mid air when i got home, saying to me 'i hope this will be a lesson for you, that you handle me with greater care!' and then lay itself upon my palm. and the day would be saved. but nope. no passport in mid air. nor on the floor, nor in the roof, or any walls for that matter.
i'm gonna continue to look for the passport. but if i can't find it... well, i hope that the temporary passport doesn't cost to much.

clean, clean, sparkly, clean slate

felt like dropping a line... woke up about an 2 hours ago. started cleaning and doing the laundry. tomorrow is traveling day and i want to feel that everything's left in tiptop shape. and that i'm packed, not stressed, having everything with me.

wish me luck!

oh, by the way... the stupidity of the mobile phone operators have caused me a new, phone number, temporarily. but, i'm suppose to get it back. so don't throw that number! if i haven't given you the new one, comment, and i'll squeeze a text message your way.


last day @ work

last day at work, after this day, i'm going on vacation, gothenburg, poland and gothenburg again. erykah badu and other bands. my beloved thóra, my darling anton, fantastic patrik and other good and wonderful people. it will be so nice, so good, so much! =)
maybe i'll grab myself a beer tonight. =)
i'll try to update the blog while i'm gone, but no garanties. pics will come when i'm home again.


worst day ever

yesterday was a bad day. a very bad day. woke up, almost late. caught the bus in the last minute, very nice driver. got to work, felt like a looser. checked my phone, simcard not active. why? i asked. called my old operator, couldn't help. called my new operator. they blamed the old one. no phone, no life. tried to buy presents to my family for the dinner tonight (we're having dinner with giftwraps), but my idea was shattered when i went to the mall and the store i was going to wasn't there. so now i have to stress (literally!) before dinner to get the presents done. well, yeah, and there wasn't any other ideas in mind, for a small sum of money (no stores, they were remaking the f*cking mall! and while stressing around in the mall, finding a cool gift (or 4), i got soaking wet (and grumpy) in the sweater (now i understand that name!), which, in turn, i felt obliged to have since my t-shirt was to small. finally, i came to my friends' (glenn & dolly) place, emptyhanded (well, i bought a t-shirt for myself @ h&m's), took a shower and freshened up. drank a whole bottle of wine (almost) and was given food and good company.
on the way home, the bus was late, so i missed the train. i was about to take a cab, when the bus to my subway came. the subway was 20 minutes away and so i decided to take a cab instead. the cabdriver was really nice and lifted my spirits in the end of a bad day. sl on the other hand, they're paying for my cab.


you don't have to leave sweden to go to pålen

either 1½h with plane to pålen... or you can take 1½h train from stockholm to krakow? funny, yet i'm wondering, shouldn't krakow here in sweden be new krakow... you know, pålish people that came to sweden, searching for freedom and pursuing happyness (i think i've even seen this in some swedish film, starring tompa kryssning and nicole leverman). they took a boat over to sweden. i've even seen leonardo af capri in some movie about that ship...

gústi phone home

yesterday was my last day as a customer @ telenor. they used to be vodafone, but got bought up by telenor and ever since, i haven't felt that their service has been as good. so i decided to change phone company and have been trying (now, ain't that a bad review right there!) to become a customer 3 times(!) at tele2, the new operator. well, now my phone doesn't work, i don't have a number and no one can reach me except through the world wide web!
as you can understand, i'm getting pretty pissed and regretting ever changing phone company.
update! talked to telenor, who referred me to tele2, my new operator. they're blaming telenor. and i'm advised to buy a pre-paid phonecard to my cell. maybe i should by a pre-paid card for the phone-booths instead?


locked out

my dear friend from skåne, is living stockholm and making this an even more tragic blur of a city, than it already is. he's changing scenery to malmö, since he's gotten a job in a musical there. so tonight was the last time i would see him for a long long while. and so we met, had a drink, dinner and afternoon beer.

he's leaving tomorrow for gothenburg, to empty the room he's renting, but whilst drinking his afternoon beer, he remembered that there wouldn't be any keys to the apartment in town. a slight fear dawned upon his face as he was trying to calculate chances and solutions of the given situation. me, myself, had a hard time at first to understand how one can totally forget such an important part as keys and how to obtain them when you get there.
little should i be talking. as i walked home, it dawned on me that my keys had not left the office. and i froze then, thinking what should do and so forth. in bewilderment, i called my friend from skåne to see if i could crash at his place (this was 11.20 pm, him living about half an hour from where i was), when he asked the question if someone else might have a spare set of keys. which there are, my parents. a bit nervous i called my parents, late monday night to ask them to drive by with the keys so i could get in. gratefully, dad was awake and could jump in the car and race over. now, i have a third pair in my bag, if i would forget the other ones again. and my thoughtless thought remain thoughtless.


hoppfulla homosexuella dyslektiker reser till pålen

ante-vante och jag ska inte åka charter. vi ska dra (till) pålen. vi tänker bosätta oss mitt i smeten. åka upp och ner för att se hela pålen. vi vill bli översköljda med allt vad pålen har att erbjuda och mingla med alla dess invånare. kanske har pålen nåt matnyttigt att ge? pålen som är så stor(t). ante-vante kollade upp lite på nätet, tydligen kunde man få 4,5(?) zluties för 10 kronor svenska. det är ändå billigt, för att säga nåt! kanske bara lite konstigt sätt att sätta priserna. slutligen ska vi skjutas ur pålen och hem igen. det ska bli kul att komma hem som pålenexpert. kanske blir man även en van pålenresenär?

sunday. an achievements day!

yesterday was so good! woke up around 9, called my dad who came over for breakfast. well, he brought breakfast. we talked a bit and then we did some work on the kitchen. not much left, but to paint, or so.
Also went to my friends new apartment and helped him and his girlfriend to scrape the last of the wallpaper away in their livingroom as to paint in their bedroom. i took some pictures, but aren't allowed to show them.
sweet though was the walk there and back. a total of 9 km, i walked for about 1h40m. i'm feeling how my weight is slowly fading away. ;)
i also booked a trip for me and anton to polland! no charter, but polland seems cheap enough! and maybe not as bad as you might have heard about it. haha... well, we'll see.
ps. and sorry thóra, got so late yesterday, didn't take any pics of my kitchen. i'll do it tonight. ;) ds.


bbq party @ nancy drew's remains

had been invited to a friend's girlfriend's parent's place for a bbq yesterday, in älvsjö, outside of stockholm. it's a new couple, whereas the boyfriend has become a friend of mine that i met through his former girlfriend. and if we are all on the same page, i might as well announce that, as a bbq fest is related to alcohol, i still managed to drink only one beer. i instead drank coke (and i still weigh 85 kg!).

there were many that came to the bbq. some that i'd met before, most not. it felt uncomfortable to be the only one not drinking at first, but as people got more drunk and i took that beer, it all got nice. we ate, talked and even danced (i think it qualifies as that)! a friend of mine came with a date later in the evening. and boy oh boy did the other guys try to get her. shockingly without shame as my friend sat next to her as they hit on her.
he was also kind enough to give me a lift home when everyone else continued in town.

funny enough though, about 5 minutes walk from the train station, you get to this wooden house with a big, nice garden, sloping trees and just all suburbia for you. it turns out that they sold it for over 5 million sek. and that to a company that wants to tear it down and make condows on the land instead. that's real estate prices for you in stockholm.

new neighbours

my friends from sshl, elsa and john have recently bought a house in norrviken, sollentuna. they just moved in saturday last week and are still packing up. they moved from an apartment in uppsala to a one floor terrace house. it's newly build, only 15 years or so, the house was open and spacious, with a sloping ceiling.
i was the first to come, elsa was alone. she showed me the house before john came home, bringing matteus et pegah, as well as alex et andré.
the host couple gave nachos and we played rappa kalja 'til late. i also found out that i'm fat (85 kg = 15 kg to much) and john helped me trim my hair.

stupid as i am, i didn't take a picture of the house. but i took other pictures though.


checking for a new job @ work

i'm trying a new approach at work right now. i'm writing a cv so that i can send job applications. during work. cause i'm done with this job now.
and i'm done reading the paper at work. and watching cartoons. and playing games. and surfing the internet and checking my mail three times a day (except, we're prohibited to enter community sites, so no surfing on them).
so now, i'm hunting for a new job. and i've found a few. my only hesitation to applying is if it actually came through and i was offered a job. it would be great, but since i've been working for so long at manpower, i've become comfortable with the life of a consultant. and my catch 22 - my boss told me right after i started this (dreadful) assignment that, when summer would end and new assignment would come in, she would be on the lookout for a new, better and more challenging assignment for me.
and so i've been checking for new jobs or assignments, but not quite daring to send in the application. well, no more! i'm gonna search for a new job and if anyone disagrees... well, tuff luck!

and about this assignment? well, it's the first assignment, where i've felt that my iq has dropped. where i'm not as social as usually. and the first assignment i've come to hate. really, from the bottom of my heart. i hate it. i hate it so much, i've become one of those bitter, whining bitches at work that's telling everyone how bad that place is. and i loathe people who whine about their work! so, i can't stay.


sweet dreams

dreams, dreams, dreams... what can i say... they're weird! last night i had 2 dreams. one included my fantastic friend t-ho', who moved to my house and started a theatregroup we called nova. it was half theatre, half charades, in which we had mad space in the basement for a scene and audience to watch and guess. and several other people in the house joined the group. then, my other dream took me to a party at chalmers (technical high school in gothenburg), hosted by a guy i once fancied (he turned out to be less fantastic than the first, second and third impression gave). he was walking around with what looked like a gamepad, but was a dj-controll, which he and madonna played with (she was dressed in that white cowboy dress she had in the music video "play the music"). i felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave, but the less fantastic man had spotted me. in which case i tried to escape from him and he tried to catch me. he had something to say, but i didn't want to listen.


kinda funny how one can get a bad conscience from not blogging. haven't blogged since last friday and i've been feeling bad about it all the time. but i've told myself that the weekends are off, so i don't have to feel stressed about it. no good that helped, apparently. ;)

anyway, had a lovely weekend... inside! hardly went out, god i was so hungover on saturday. messed up the entire weekend, it did. but what the hell, had a nice time, though. and i'm starting to have my suspicions that i'm getting the shits from drinking... uh-oh, better walk this plank rather lightly. ;)

otherwise, it's been good. am up to date with my tv-shows, spent saturday night (me, my pizza, my coke and my candy) watching shows i hadn't seen in a while.
yesterday, i saw the new harry potter movie. i know, i'm going alot to the movies right now. it feels like i've become one of those guys that rather wants to stay in and watch a film, than go out and party. a review of the film will come in a later post.


my name is megatron

i can't believe this! there's this guy in the states, who has changed his middle name from michael to megatron! it's crazy! and sooo cool!
thanks for the tip, ria! ;)

let's go to prison

i think i'm in a movie-phase of my life right now. i've went to the cinema twice last weekend and i've rented god knows how many movies over the past month. some good, other not so.

a movie i saw... and liked, is a movie with the title 'let's go to prison'. it's about this guy, a petty criminal, who blames the judge who's sentenced him to prison all his life. the movie starts when this guy is releasted (for the fourth time, or so) from prison and he's determined to avenge the judge. just to find out that the judge had recently passed away. still angry and avengeful, he decides to take it out over the judge's son and somehow manages to cause enough chaos for the son to be sentenced to prison. but it doesn't stop there. the ex-con is still not satisfied and therefor makes himself go to prison, so that he can torment the rich kid son some more.

everytime i've recommended the movie to someone, people have said that it doesn't sound like a high quality movie. and that's true. but that's not their goal with the movie. it's suppose to funny. which it is. it's hilarious. the movie takes a character out of his natural enviroment and puts him in an opposite one. then add the element of a deceitful best friend and some barry white... and presto! you have a good, funny movie! if you like to laugh, you should see this movie!

omg!!! i had an accident this morning! felt it was time to shave and trim my beard. make it nice. so i trimmed it. shaved it. but i shaved it wrong! so now, i'm beardless! i feel so naked!


just got a call from my broadband company. they wanted to quadruple my width and lower my costs. what do you say when you get an offer like that?!? well, what's the catch, i asked him. no catch, just that i'm bound to them for another 12 months. the price will not get higher after those months, it'll stay the same.

ocean's thirteen

my fuzzy wuzzy friend timmy came over to me yesterday. he actually lives outside of stockholm, in a small town with around 3000 people in it. since we both had been out the night before, we couldn't really go out again. not fit for the fight, so to say. but we did catch a movie instead. and saw ocean's 13.

ocean's 13 is like the other oceans'. the same character, the same plot, the same wit. so, if you liked the other ones, then you'll definately like this one as well. in this movie, the gang's old boss reuben (elliott gold) get's suckered off a deal that results in a heartattack. so this time, it's about revenge and not about money or prestige. it is about prestige, however, for the man who screwed reuben. willy bank (al pacino) is building a new hotel in las vegas. he's famous for making different and high class, awardwinning hotels. but he messed with the wrong guy so to say.

the task the ocean's gang is trying to get away with this time is, of course, very difficult, if not impossible. but they try, they're smart and they... well, see the film. ;)

i like all of the ocean's movies, but this time, it felt like it was to perfect. even though it seemed impossible at first and people around them said it couldn't be done, the movie never expressed any real unachievable objects. set backs, yes, but the nerve-breaking, sweating; "shit, how the hell are they going to solve this?"-feeling never emerged.

personally, i would have wanted to see them really get set-backed in the last minute. i can't tell all the details, but i would have wanted al pacino's character a bulb brighter or 2. and in the end, when they tell how they pull the unexpected off, it just get's to much. they're perfect and they see, hear and know everything.

but still, they're the ocean's gang. and i like them.

slowest day ever *knock on wood*

this is possibly the slowest day ever! this afternoon, i'm handling the incoming faxes and mail at work, not answering the phone, and so far, i had the most to do right before lunch. i came back 1h20m ago and have had in total 5 orders (they take around 3 minutes to do)! 5!!! the rest of the time, i've been watching this manga-series, called "heroic age". the storyline is good and the cartoon drawings are really nice. my only problem is that i don't understand japanese, but they have subtitles for that. i'm soon starting on the 14th episode. in 2 days. at work... now, isn't that a pathetic job. and veoh is my best friend at work.

heroic age - wikipedia

unfortunately, you're not allowed to enter web communities, so i can't check myspace nor facebook. otherwise, i could have tried to beat my old co-worker henrik's movie quiz score of over 6000 points (you get 10 points for every right answer)! awesome, yet... so pointless. but i don't fully understand facebook yet. some things seem complicated. like when you change any of those applications (funny), you can't change the settings. but, well, well. we'll see where it ends. sweden's biggest gay community, qx wasn't all that fun. trying out the global version, gay.com, but it's just a taaad big.

so, for now, it's my blog and the cartoons.


just got a call from my dear friend, the polecat. his bf, mr z sang me a song, that the polecat and i wrote. it sounded great, but the lyrics were... well, funny and disastrous! ;)

they also put me to the test, to see how old i really am. well, i'm apparently a bit over 30.
why don't you try and take the test (in swedish).


calm day at work, not to much to do now. i'll be off the phone, so i'm hoping i won't get to much mail and such. ;)
the stupid payroll office doesn't seem to know jack sh*t. just got a raise, from may 1st. the negotiation didn't end until now in july, so we have some extra money to cash in. but the payroll office doesn't seem to know when. :( i want that money for my vacation!



after last nights movie, some of us went for a beer. we ended up at "la habana", a cuban bar/night club on sveavägen. just one beer we said. yeah, right! so much for that. even had myself a mojito, mind you. two of the five in our crowd left for some other excitement in another part of town, but the three of us left, stayed some more. later during the evening, the room got really hot. latino music was steaming from the speakers, and people were dancing salsa all over the place (except the tables, then)! some were beginners, some advanced and some just danced something. one of the few places where the atmosphere was genuinely soft, nice and passionate. just the way you want, for a night out.

continued later on to tiki room at s:t eriksplan and met up with andreas and his new gf. it never seizes to amaze me how people love it when you're grose. i mean, i've never met his new dame and i got invited even though i was talking about nasty stuff (not going into any details) i'm sure most people don't want to hear nor discuss. but hey, i got myself an invitation to a bbq-party at her place later this summer. the more gross, the better, i guess. maybe i'll come, smeared in potato sallad...

pics from last night can be seen here.


saw the movie last night and all i can say is, yummie!

the movie is about, if some one doesn't know, about decepticons and autobots, robots from a planet far away that comes to earth in search for an energy source, known as "allstar", or "the cube". and the battle between them, as well as with the humans. autobots are good, with no intention on hurting humans, while decepticons do not care for anything other than control over universe.

i had very high expectations on this movie. yesterday i was counting down the minutes and i was almost exploding with excitement. a couple of weeks ago, i streamed some of the first episodes of transformers, just to freshen up on the plot and characters. which helped alot. but with that in mind, i was a bit disappointed. the robots had to human-like faces, which kind of took the edge off a bit. in the cartoons, optimus prime had just a big jaw, not mouth with lips. and bumblebee was a volkswagen beetle, not a racer. the other thing bothering me, was the corny humor that was used all of the time. sure, you laugh a bit, but you wonder why they really try to make it funny in between. some of the jokes are just not necessary. the movie could have been better without it, i think. had it been me, i would have probably made the movie a bit darker.
in the cartoon, the autobots and decepticons came in a spaceship that crashed on earth several thousand years ago. the robots "died", but were put together by the spaceship's computer in modern time. the spaceship computer took images of our vehicles and built the robots after those images. in the movie, the robot's have themselves a scanner that can make them take any shape they want. which is a bit cooler.
if i'm suppose to be objective about this film, then i'd say it's a nice action movie, with awesome special effects. cause the special effects are really out of this world! but as an old transformers fan, i can't say this movie is anything other than good! it's a long sought for film and i'm glad it finally came!


sitting at work, haven't had much to do lately. i've spent most of the days watching cartoons on veoh. i think i've watched all of the batman cartoons and now i'm going through the justice league.

otherwise, i'm really psyched today. cause in less than 3 hours, i'll be in the cinema, watching transformers!!! even though i haven't seen it yet, i know 3 things. first of all, this is the movie i've been waiting for ever since i first saw transformers (hence, since i was 5. or something like that). second, i know i'll see this movie again, in the cinemas, as will this be one of the few movies i'll have on dvd. and third, i know i'll cry. not because of the drama or anything like that. but because, it will be so beautiful. a couple of weeks ago, when i was bored at work (which i am all of the time), i saw the first season of the first transformers cartoon. and you know when you get that warm, fuzzy feeling, like when you like someone, or just going on a really cool ride in an amusement park? that's the feeling i got for the cartoons. now, we're talking a cinematic real deal, so to say. and the feeling i'm feeling now is more like when i've just bought plane tickets somewhere i've longed to go! i can't wait to see the movie and i'm seriously counting down the minutes (right now, it's exactly 2h30m, which is also my brake and a colleague brought a cake)!