living the singles II

was at glenn's and dolly's the other day. they showed me peter andre's and jordan's attempt of a x-mas song. a single that god, but not the world, forgot. all of a sudden, i feel confident enough to sing karaoke sober.


living the singles

i just want to say that i'm shamelessly living the single life. and it's freakin' good! went to g-burg to see the dentist and had a shameless weekend, before i found out that i had two holes. in two teeth. so, i'm going back to g-burg in december to fix my teeth. and have another shameless weekend. single2mingle is my motto at the moment.
oh, and yeah, haven't told you about the date i had! so, the date... it went okey. he was sweet, but quiet. and seemed pretty nervous. it took him 3 beers before he dared have a full conversation. we've met again, but there won't be anything serious going on. not that i'm ready for that anyway.

i am on myspace. it's definitely not new, but i find it so smart, that i have to write about it. on myspace, i can, besides old and new friends, also find a lot of music artists, both famous and unknown. it's a smart way for artists to market themselves. on their homepage you can listen and download some well chosen singles. i actually found a swedish band in there that has really nice songs with fucked up funny lyrics.


dazed and freaked out

today is the date-day! just needed to say that i'm nervous, but that i'm going to dazzle! ;)
wish me luck!