pablo fransisco on sunday

yippie! just booked tickets to pablo fransisco on sunday. me and p wiggy are going as well as freddie kreuger and his mistress, the lushious cat-woman miauw. i tried to get a hold of rob the blob, but his phone was off and when he called back, i'd already booked the tickets.


upcoming this fall...

i have so many plans, goals and wishes for this fall, that i feel like i'm going to burst! it's time to look forward, be constructive and take action!

i've decided that this fall, i'm going to...
upgrade my wardrobe! (save 15-20000 sek for a day of shopping good, proper, well-mannered clothes)

trim my body! (drop to 70 kilos or at least trim enough to fit in jeans size 30. right now, i have size 33 in some jeans!)

get a new job! i've started applying for new jobs and am on a look out for new openings. so if you hear anything, i'm all ears!

save money! open accounts, use my excisting accounts better. i have an account on iceland. start saving 1000 sek/month, so i have money whenever i go there, i won't need think of money, it's already there. and then one for vacation, one for my home and one, well just to have. let's get rich or die trying. =P

start writing a book! i have an exciting story line and want to put it on the paper. and when i'm done, i'll have a test group with a few handpicked people, reading and commenting. then, i'll be a fuck-yeah writer making doe! hehe... ;)

when it comes to my excercising my goal will be to be to go 3 times a week. and i'm a bit curious on both a dance course in salsa as in kendo. but first getting the gym in my weekly routine, so those things will wait till spring, at least.

then there's the food, in where i'll have to cut back on sweets, soda and alcohol. the last one won't be a problem since i get stomachproblems from drinking.

there's alot of things i need to upgrade! my poor canapé, that is in need of a make over, i'll need probably at least 10000 sek for the remake and maybe even more, if it's in need of new springs... but since i'm in search of a new job, a new wardrobe will fit better at the moment. so, it's just for me to save and save. and as i shrink, my clothes will fit better (they're all to small at the moment), i'll have a new job so i earn more money and then i can save more to in the end save up for my canapé as well as other things!

like a trip to iceland. me and my brothers have been talking about going together for a week this fall to iceland, but no more specific plans have been made. so i'm hoping we can take it later on. or at least i'll travel after x-mas sometime... thinking about taking a long one and maybe doing a us-trip like i did last easter. we'll see. =)


facebook whore

if anybody wonders. yes, i'm a facebook whore. felt like i had to share. thanks for listening.



this morning, while passing the crowds of office people, dressed in suits and dresses i couldn't help but think of how i was dressed. i know i'm not improperly dressed for my work, but it still feels like i'm not dressed quite right. like this morning, i walked past women, properly and yet summery dressed. guys, suit, shirt and tie... some wore jeans and shirt, a few wore plain t-shirts. me, i came to work in jeans and a t-shirt with big letters written 'orgy' all over it. Not maybe the impression i've wanted to make. so, a mental note to myself; don't wear improper clothes to work.
but i've decided to save 15-20 thousand sek and go crazy on shopping clothes for myself. even so crazy, i'm even thinking about taking a day off to do so. hehe... i mean, i still have vacation days to use. i can just imagine the call to my boss 'hi boss. i need to be free on wednesday, cause i'm going shopping that day.'


kill the impaired

according to aftonbladet, a man studying to become a nurse in norway has caused a storm since he suggested that functionally impaired babies should be disposed of, if it's not possible to make them healthy and useful in society.
people and professionals are now questioning his suitability as a nurse.
well, i can't say that i sympathize with his opinions. and i question why he's chosen to work with aiding sick people, if his opinions are so cynical. but views and actions can be quite different, though i would wonder, possibly fear, what actions he might take, would he work with impaired, crippled or old people. the question is also, if he can put his own opinions aside while working. will he give the same help to all and work indiscriminately, or, will his personal opinion cloud his judgement and make him act in another way?
well, despite of any conclusions one can make out of his suggestion, it just isn't enough to draw the conclusion that he can't work as a nurse. because we can't judge a character by their words, but by their actions.


just wanted to check in. am at work now, there's a slight breeze of relaxation right now. phew!
my new (and 3rd within a year!) boss just came with my current one. it's introduction-day, so it's time to put up my better sides. thank god i've shaved!
i think i'm going to apply for jobs today. i'm getting tired of manpower. and especially where i am now. thank heaven for my pal freddie kreuger. without him, this place would have been hell. we can at least have fun comparing man boobs.
laundry day today as well. and tomorrow it's pay day! woohoo! the vacation left me broke and i have no food nor money. and now is the time to continue with the apartment. buying curtains and bed sheets. i'm so daft sometimes! bought a new, bigger bed some time ago, and didn't think about buying new bed sheets, so most of them are to small.
well, i'm off... to new adventures!


so pissed

don't remember if i've written about how my new phone operator messed up, so i've been forced to buy a new number which i have to refill every now and then to be able to make a call. of course that means sending out my new number to everyone with the message that not to throw away my old number, cause it will come back to me.
my new operator told me that they would have fixed everything until i came back from my vacation. which of course wasn't the case. i now turned to my old operator to make sure that they had really kept the number to hand over to the new operator. you know, i had just made sure of that particular detail 5 times before. but one can never be sure. apparently. they never kept the number to hand over, but instead, it's been quarantined(?) and i can "apply" to get it back, but then i won't have it before 22nd of september!
to tell them that i thought they'd handled my matter inappropriately, i had to send them a letter stating what had gone wrong. and no, i could apparently not talk to anyone in charge of their customer service.

i've sent them the letter. now i have to talk to my new operator and ask them when i will get a new sim-card so i can get off the f*cking refill shit. it's amazing how one must do everything by oneself in order to get it right!


my vacation in numbers

750 sek for 2 new passports where 1 got lost. 800 for 1 train and 2 buses to gothenburg. 2 of the tickets were used. 1 by me. 2 towns, 1 plane in between, 11 days, 1 festival, uncountable number of beer, 1 polish drink, 1 foam party. 2 currencies, 1250 zlotys, around 290 pics, 7 videos, in total 1 gb of memory used in camera. 3 blisters, 2 uncomfortable shoes, 1 pair of flipflops bought. 0 postcards sent. 3 albums put up in my web album.

That about summons it up! Check out my albums to see more.


way out west

today starts the way out west festival. i'm a bit hungover from yesterday, me and st patrick were at liseberg all day before meeting up with other people for beer at the flying barrell. stayed there for a while, before going to stage door, our old place when i lived here.
the festival starts at around 14 and before, i'm going to have lunch with ylvis, an old colleague of mine at the gothenburg post.
well, that's about all for now, i'll give you a full report when i'm back, with pictures and all.


locked out

writing again from poland. still in warsaw, haven't gone to either sopot nor krakow. and it doesn't look like we will be going either. we have 2 days left to tourist, which is to short of time for any longer travels. but warsaw is very nice. we've been out drinking (way to much) and checking out some museums and other intresting sights.

right now, we've taken an easy night. went to see the new lynch movie (and yeah... 2h50min of shear horror, both ways). just came back to the hostel, where they seem to have misplaced the key to our dormitory (10 beds, useless in their case), and with no spare keys nor spare beds. hmm... quite the jam we're in. well, i'll tell you all how this exciting story evolves next time. ante vante's sitting next to me and looking quite bored of the whole situation.


poland so far

hey people! it's our 3rd day here in warsaw. and the city is really extrordinary. we've mostly been walking around (hungover yesterday but walked for 7 h!) and seen some touristy things, like the palace of culture and science, old town and new town, as some churches. we have some stuff left to see here, but there is still time. checked out the gay scene here. not to shabby, yet very different from the swedish one. though, tonight will be somewhat of a test, since it is friday. been to two bars so far, and are planning to go to a club that has a jacuzzi and bed and other weird no-no's for a club.

tomorrow, we're going to sopot, in the north of poland, between gdynia and gdansk. we long for the beach, bathing and more. the weather here has been so well, sunny and hot.
when we booked the trip, we felt very unique in going to poland on our vacation, but we've seen and heard swedish almost every day (and this, even though we were outside the city center)! so much for being unique, huh?!? still, it's a place to recommend and visit. we're very pleased.

well, just wanted to drop a line. take care and i'll see you back in sweden! hugs'n'kisses


the trip has started

went to the embassy yesterday, they helped me with an emergency passport, as i applied for a normal passport at the same time. took no more than 20 minutes. the emergency passport is, apparently first of all to help people get out of a country and home. but most countries accept that you travel with it for a limited time. and i'm just going to travel within schengen, so it shouldn't be that bad. *crossing fingers*

stressed to the busstation, to take the first bus. as it came to my turn in the queue, they had 1 seat left for the bus leaving in that exact moment. so i took it, sat on the bus for 7 hours(!) and met up with ante vante at the station. we had dinner, wine, bear and started planning our trip. it's going to be awesome! we leave tomorrow at 8.55 am. the flight is about 1h30min, so we have all day tomorrow getting acquainted with the town, settle in and plan the trip more in detail.

now, i'm going into town, have a sandwich in the sun, lunch with ante vante, meet up with elli-man, see if i can get into my old working place and say hi ho's.


now i've looked (and cleaned more at the same time) for my passport everywhere in the apartment. and i'm talking about everywhere. had i've gotten a euro (worth more than a dollar ;) ) for every corner i've gone through, i'd been... well, maybe not a millionare, but not far from it.

i am in peace with myself about it now, though. it felt awful at first, but as i have eaten and talked with people around me, i feel better. it's not ok to loose your passport. this will probably remind me for my trips to come that i need to check my passport as i'm booking the trip.

i won't be going to gothenburg tomorrow, as planned. instead, i'm hoping that i can take the bus on monday. otherwise, it'll be cutting it tight.

lost and found

been cleaning all day. it's so hot in my apartment, it feels like i'm going to faint. whilst i've been cleaning (and boy, oh boy have i been cleaning), i've found and apparently lost (or can't seem to find, is more appropriate) some stuff.

it's good to clean, cause i've found gift certificates for 700 sek! yippie! and hurray! i'm gonna shop 'til i drop when i come home from my vacation! free money, so to say... ;)
worse is that i can't seem to find my passport. which is so bad, in so many ways. i'm suppose to leave for gothenburg tomorrow and warsaw on wednesday. since i'm not a swedish citizen, i can't just stroll into any police department and get a new passport. i have to go to the icelandic embassy. in stockholm. which opens monday.
i've been searching in most places in the apartment. had to go out and get myself a bite to eat an hour ago, and was seriously wishing that my passport would be floating in mid air when i got home, saying to me 'i hope this will be a lesson for you, that you handle me with greater care!' and then lay itself upon my palm. and the day would be saved. but nope. no passport in mid air. nor on the floor, nor in the roof, or any walls for that matter.
i'm gonna continue to look for the passport. but if i can't find it... well, i hope that the temporary passport doesn't cost to much.

clean, clean, sparkly, clean slate

felt like dropping a line... woke up about an 2 hours ago. started cleaning and doing the laundry. tomorrow is traveling day and i want to feel that everything's left in tiptop shape. and that i'm packed, not stressed, having everything with me.

wish me luck!

oh, by the way... the stupidity of the mobile phone operators have caused me a new, phone number, temporarily. but, i'm suppose to get it back. so don't throw that number! if i haven't given you the new one, comment, and i'll squeeze a text message your way.


last day @ work

last day at work, after this day, i'm going on vacation, gothenburg, poland and gothenburg again. erykah badu and other bands. my beloved thóra, my darling anton, fantastic patrik and other good and wonderful people. it will be so nice, so good, so much! =)
maybe i'll grab myself a beer tonight. =)
i'll try to update the blog while i'm gone, but no garanties. pics will come when i'm home again.


worst day ever

yesterday was a bad day. a very bad day. woke up, almost late. caught the bus in the last minute, very nice driver. got to work, felt like a looser. checked my phone, simcard not active. why? i asked. called my old operator, couldn't help. called my new operator. they blamed the old one. no phone, no life. tried to buy presents to my family for the dinner tonight (we're having dinner with giftwraps), but my idea was shattered when i went to the mall and the store i was going to wasn't there. so now i have to stress (literally!) before dinner to get the presents done. well, yeah, and there wasn't any other ideas in mind, for a small sum of money (no stores, they were remaking the f*cking mall! and while stressing around in the mall, finding a cool gift (or 4), i got soaking wet (and grumpy) in the sweater (now i understand that name!), which, in turn, i felt obliged to have since my t-shirt was to small. finally, i came to my friends' (glenn & dolly) place, emptyhanded (well, i bought a t-shirt for myself @ h&m's), took a shower and freshened up. drank a whole bottle of wine (almost) and was given food and good company.
on the way home, the bus was late, so i missed the train. i was about to take a cab, when the bus to my subway came. the subway was 20 minutes away and so i decided to take a cab instead. the cabdriver was really nice and lifted my spirits in the end of a bad day. sl on the other hand, they're paying for my cab.


you don't have to leave sweden to go to pålen

either 1½h with plane to pålen... or you can take 1½h train from stockholm to krakow? funny, yet i'm wondering, shouldn't krakow here in sweden be new krakow... you know, pålish people that came to sweden, searching for freedom and pursuing happyness (i think i've even seen this in some swedish film, starring tompa kryssning and nicole leverman). they took a boat over to sweden. i've even seen leonardo af capri in some movie about that ship...

gústi phone home

yesterday was my last day as a customer @ telenor. they used to be vodafone, but got bought up by telenor and ever since, i haven't felt that their service has been as good. so i decided to change phone company and have been trying (now, ain't that a bad review right there!) to become a customer 3 times(!) at tele2, the new operator. well, now my phone doesn't work, i don't have a number and no one can reach me except through the world wide web!
as you can understand, i'm getting pretty pissed and regretting ever changing phone company.
update! talked to telenor, who referred me to tele2, my new operator. they're blaming telenor. and i'm advised to buy a pre-paid phonecard to my cell. maybe i should by a pre-paid card for the phone-booths instead?


locked out

my dear friend from skåne, is living stockholm and making this an even more tragic blur of a city, than it already is. he's changing scenery to malmö, since he's gotten a job in a musical there. so tonight was the last time i would see him for a long long while. and so we met, had a drink, dinner and afternoon beer.

he's leaving tomorrow for gothenburg, to empty the room he's renting, but whilst drinking his afternoon beer, he remembered that there wouldn't be any keys to the apartment in town. a slight fear dawned upon his face as he was trying to calculate chances and solutions of the given situation. me, myself, had a hard time at first to understand how one can totally forget such an important part as keys and how to obtain them when you get there.
little should i be talking. as i walked home, it dawned on me that my keys had not left the office. and i froze then, thinking what should do and so forth. in bewilderment, i called my friend from skåne to see if i could crash at his place (this was 11.20 pm, him living about half an hour from where i was), when he asked the question if someone else might have a spare set of keys. which there are, my parents. a bit nervous i called my parents, late monday night to ask them to drive by with the keys so i could get in. gratefully, dad was awake and could jump in the car and race over. now, i have a third pair in my bag, if i would forget the other ones again. and my thoughtless thought remain thoughtless.


hoppfulla homosexuella dyslektiker reser till pålen

ante-vante och jag ska inte åka charter. vi ska dra (till) pålen. vi tänker bosätta oss mitt i smeten. åka upp och ner för att se hela pålen. vi vill bli översköljda med allt vad pålen har att erbjuda och mingla med alla dess invånare. kanske har pålen nåt matnyttigt att ge? pålen som är så stor(t). ante-vante kollade upp lite på nätet, tydligen kunde man få 4,5(?) zluties för 10 kronor svenska. det är ändå billigt, för att säga nåt! kanske bara lite konstigt sätt att sätta priserna. slutligen ska vi skjutas ur pålen och hem igen. det ska bli kul att komma hem som pålenexpert. kanske blir man även en van pålenresenär?

sunday. an achievements day!

yesterday was so good! woke up around 9, called my dad who came over for breakfast. well, he brought breakfast. we talked a bit and then we did some work on the kitchen. not much left, but to paint, or so.
Also went to my friends new apartment and helped him and his girlfriend to scrape the last of the wallpaper away in their livingroom as to paint in their bedroom. i took some pictures, but aren't allowed to show them.
sweet though was the walk there and back. a total of 9 km, i walked for about 1h40m. i'm feeling how my weight is slowly fading away. ;)
i also booked a trip for me and anton to polland! no charter, but polland seems cheap enough! and maybe not as bad as you might have heard about it. haha... well, we'll see.
ps. and sorry thóra, got so late yesterday, didn't take any pics of my kitchen. i'll do it tonight. ;) ds.


bbq party @ nancy drew's remains

had been invited to a friend's girlfriend's parent's place for a bbq yesterday, in älvsjö, outside of stockholm. it's a new couple, whereas the boyfriend has become a friend of mine that i met through his former girlfriend. and if we are all on the same page, i might as well announce that, as a bbq fest is related to alcohol, i still managed to drink only one beer. i instead drank coke (and i still weigh 85 kg!).

there were many that came to the bbq. some that i'd met before, most not. it felt uncomfortable to be the only one not drinking at first, but as people got more drunk and i took that beer, it all got nice. we ate, talked and even danced (i think it qualifies as that)! a friend of mine came with a date later in the evening. and boy oh boy did the other guys try to get her. shockingly without shame as my friend sat next to her as they hit on her.
he was also kind enough to give me a lift home when everyone else continued in town.

funny enough though, about 5 minutes walk from the train station, you get to this wooden house with a big, nice garden, sloping trees and just all suburbia for you. it turns out that they sold it for over 5 million sek. and that to a company that wants to tear it down and make condows on the land instead. that's real estate prices for you in stockholm.

new neighbours

my friends from sshl, elsa and john have recently bought a house in norrviken, sollentuna. they just moved in saturday last week and are still packing up. they moved from an apartment in uppsala to a one floor terrace house. it's newly build, only 15 years or so, the house was open and spacious, with a sloping ceiling.
i was the first to come, elsa was alone. she showed me the house before john came home, bringing matteus et pegah, as well as alex et andré.
the host couple gave nachos and we played rappa kalja 'til late. i also found out that i'm fat (85 kg = 15 kg to much) and john helped me trim my hair.

stupid as i am, i didn't take a picture of the house. but i took other pictures though.


checking for a new job @ work

i'm trying a new approach at work right now. i'm writing a cv so that i can send job applications. during work. cause i'm done with this job now.
and i'm done reading the paper at work. and watching cartoons. and playing games. and surfing the internet and checking my mail three times a day (except, we're prohibited to enter community sites, so no surfing on them).
so now, i'm hunting for a new job. and i've found a few. my only hesitation to applying is if it actually came through and i was offered a job. it would be great, but since i've been working for so long at manpower, i've become comfortable with the life of a consultant. and my catch 22 - my boss told me right after i started this (dreadful) assignment that, when summer would end and new assignment would come in, she would be on the lookout for a new, better and more challenging assignment for me.
and so i've been checking for new jobs or assignments, but not quite daring to send in the application. well, no more! i'm gonna search for a new job and if anyone disagrees... well, tuff luck!

and about this assignment? well, it's the first assignment, where i've felt that my iq has dropped. where i'm not as social as usually. and the first assignment i've come to hate. really, from the bottom of my heart. i hate it. i hate it so much, i've become one of those bitter, whining bitches at work that's telling everyone how bad that place is. and i loathe people who whine about their work! so, i can't stay.


sweet dreams

dreams, dreams, dreams... what can i say... they're weird! last night i had 2 dreams. one included my fantastic friend t-ho', who moved to my house and started a theatregroup we called nova. it was half theatre, half charades, in which we had mad space in the basement for a scene and audience to watch and guess. and several other people in the house joined the group. then, my other dream took me to a party at chalmers (technical high school in gothenburg), hosted by a guy i once fancied (he turned out to be less fantastic than the first, second and third impression gave). he was walking around with what looked like a gamepad, but was a dj-controll, which he and madonna played with (she was dressed in that white cowboy dress she had in the music video "play the music"). i felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave, but the less fantastic man had spotted me. in which case i tried to escape from him and he tried to catch me. he had something to say, but i didn't want to listen.


kinda funny how one can get a bad conscience from not blogging. haven't blogged since last friday and i've been feeling bad about it all the time. but i've told myself that the weekends are off, so i don't have to feel stressed about it. no good that helped, apparently. ;)

anyway, had a lovely weekend... inside! hardly went out, god i was so hungover on saturday. messed up the entire weekend, it did. but what the hell, had a nice time, though. and i'm starting to have my suspicions that i'm getting the shits from drinking... uh-oh, better walk this plank rather lightly. ;)

otherwise, it's been good. am up to date with my tv-shows, spent saturday night (me, my pizza, my coke and my candy) watching shows i hadn't seen in a while.
yesterday, i saw the new harry potter movie. i know, i'm going alot to the movies right now. it feels like i've become one of those guys that rather wants to stay in and watch a film, than go out and party. a review of the film will come in a later post.


my name is megatron

i can't believe this! there's this guy in the states, who has changed his middle name from michael to megatron! it's crazy! and sooo cool!
thanks for the tip, ria! ;)

let's go to prison

i think i'm in a movie-phase of my life right now. i've went to the cinema twice last weekend and i've rented god knows how many movies over the past month. some good, other not so.

a movie i saw... and liked, is a movie with the title 'let's go to prison'. it's about this guy, a petty criminal, who blames the judge who's sentenced him to prison all his life. the movie starts when this guy is releasted (for the fourth time, or so) from prison and he's determined to avenge the judge. just to find out that the judge had recently passed away. still angry and avengeful, he decides to take it out over the judge's son and somehow manages to cause enough chaos for the son to be sentenced to prison. but it doesn't stop there. the ex-con is still not satisfied and therefor makes himself go to prison, so that he can torment the rich kid son some more.

everytime i've recommended the movie to someone, people have said that it doesn't sound like a high quality movie. and that's true. but that's not their goal with the movie. it's suppose to funny. which it is. it's hilarious. the movie takes a character out of his natural enviroment and puts him in an opposite one. then add the element of a deceitful best friend and some barry white... and presto! you have a good, funny movie! if you like to laugh, you should see this movie!

omg!!! i had an accident this morning! felt it was time to shave and trim my beard. make it nice. so i trimmed it. shaved it. but i shaved it wrong! so now, i'm beardless! i feel so naked!


just got a call from my broadband company. they wanted to quadruple my width and lower my costs. what do you say when you get an offer like that?!? well, what's the catch, i asked him. no catch, just that i'm bound to them for another 12 months. the price will not get higher after those months, it'll stay the same.

ocean's thirteen

my fuzzy wuzzy friend timmy came over to me yesterday. he actually lives outside of stockholm, in a small town with around 3000 people in it. since we both had been out the night before, we couldn't really go out again. not fit for the fight, so to say. but we did catch a movie instead. and saw ocean's 13.

ocean's 13 is like the other oceans'. the same character, the same plot, the same wit. so, if you liked the other ones, then you'll definately like this one as well. in this movie, the gang's old boss reuben (elliott gold) get's suckered off a deal that results in a heartattack. so this time, it's about revenge and not about money or prestige. it is about prestige, however, for the man who screwed reuben. willy bank (al pacino) is building a new hotel in las vegas. he's famous for making different and high class, awardwinning hotels. but he messed with the wrong guy so to say.

the task the ocean's gang is trying to get away with this time is, of course, very difficult, if not impossible. but they try, they're smart and they... well, see the film. ;)

i like all of the ocean's movies, but this time, it felt like it was to perfect. even though it seemed impossible at first and people around them said it couldn't be done, the movie never expressed any real unachievable objects. set backs, yes, but the nerve-breaking, sweating; "shit, how the hell are they going to solve this?"-feeling never emerged.

personally, i would have wanted to see them really get set-backed in the last minute. i can't tell all the details, but i would have wanted al pacino's character a bulb brighter or 2. and in the end, when they tell how they pull the unexpected off, it just get's to much. they're perfect and they see, hear and know everything.

but still, they're the ocean's gang. and i like them.

slowest day ever *knock on wood*

this is possibly the slowest day ever! this afternoon, i'm handling the incoming faxes and mail at work, not answering the phone, and so far, i had the most to do right before lunch. i came back 1h20m ago and have had in total 5 orders (they take around 3 minutes to do)! 5!!! the rest of the time, i've been watching this manga-series, called "heroic age". the storyline is good and the cartoon drawings are really nice. my only problem is that i don't understand japanese, but they have subtitles for that. i'm soon starting on the 14th episode. in 2 days. at work... now, isn't that a pathetic job. and veoh is my best friend at work.

heroic age - wikipedia

unfortunately, you're not allowed to enter web communities, so i can't check myspace nor facebook. otherwise, i could have tried to beat my old co-worker henrik's movie quiz score of over 6000 points (you get 10 points for every right answer)! awesome, yet... so pointless. but i don't fully understand facebook yet. some things seem complicated. like when you change any of those applications (funny), you can't change the settings. but, well, well. we'll see where it ends. sweden's biggest gay community, qx wasn't all that fun. trying out the global version, gay.com, but it's just a taaad big.

so, for now, it's my blog and the cartoons.


just got a call from my dear friend, the polecat. his bf, mr z sang me a song, that the polecat and i wrote. it sounded great, but the lyrics were... well, funny and disastrous! ;)

they also put me to the test, to see how old i really am. well, i'm apparently a bit over 30.
why don't you try and take the test (in swedish).


calm day at work, not to much to do now. i'll be off the phone, so i'm hoping i won't get to much mail and such. ;)
the stupid payroll office doesn't seem to know jack sh*t. just got a raise, from may 1st. the negotiation didn't end until now in july, so we have some extra money to cash in. but the payroll office doesn't seem to know when. :( i want that money for my vacation!



after last nights movie, some of us went for a beer. we ended up at "la habana", a cuban bar/night club on sveavägen. just one beer we said. yeah, right! so much for that. even had myself a mojito, mind you. two of the five in our crowd left for some other excitement in another part of town, but the three of us left, stayed some more. later during the evening, the room got really hot. latino music was steaming from the speakers, and people were dancing salsa all over the place (except the tables, then)! some were beginners, some advanced and some just danced something. one of the few places where the atmosphere was genuinely soft, nice and passionate. just the way you want, for a night out.

continued later on to tiki room at s:t eriksplan and met up with andreas and his new gf. it never seizes to amaze me how people love it when you're grose. i mean, i've never met his new dame and i got invited even though i was talking about nasty stuff (not going into any details) i'm sure most people don't want to hear nor discuss. but hey, i got myself an invitation to a bbq-party at her place later this summer. the more gross, the better, i guess. maybe i'll come, smeared in potato sallad...

pics from last night can be seen here.


saw the movie last night and all i can say is, yummie!

the movie is about, if some one doesn't know, about decepticons and autobots, robots from a planet far away that comes to earth in search for an energy source, known as "allstar", or "the cube". and the battle between them, as well as with the humans. autobots are good, with no intention on hurting humans, while decepticons do not care for anything other than control over universe.

i had very high expectations on this movie. yesterday i was counting down the minutes and i was almost exploding with excitement. a couple of weeks ago, i streamed some of the first episodes of transformers, just to freshen up on the plot and characters. which helped alot. but with that in mind, i was a bit disappointed. the robots had to human-like faces, which kind of took the edge off a bit. in the cartoons, optimus prime had just a big jaw, not mouth with lips. and bumblebee was a volkswagen beetle, not a racer. the other thing bothering me, was the corny humor that was used all of the time. sure, you laugh a bit, but you wonder why they really try to make it funny in between. some of the jokes are just not necessary. the movie could have been better without it, i think. had it been me, i would have probably made the movie a bit darker.
in the cartoon, the autobots and decepticons came in a spaceship that crashed on earth several thousand years ago. the robots "died", but were put together by the spaceship's computer in modern time. the spaceship computer took images of our vehicles and built the robots after those images. in the movie, the robot's have themselves a scanner that can make them take any shape they want. which is a bit cooler.
if i'm suppose to be objective about this film, then i'd say it's a nice action movie, with awesome special effects. cause the special effects are really out of this world! but as an old transformers fan, i can't say this movie is anything other than good! it's a long sought for film and i'm glad it finally came!


sitting at work, haven't had much to do lately. i've spent most of the days watching cartoons on veoh. i think i've watched all of the batman cartoons and now i'm going through the justice league.

otherwise, i'm really psyched today. cause in less than 3 hours, i'll be in the cinema, watching transformers!!! even though i haven't seen it yet, i know 3 things. first of all, this is the movie i've been waiting for ever since i first saw transformers (hence, since i was 5. or something like that). second, i know i'll see this movie again, in the cinemas, as will this be one of the few movies i'll have on dvd. and third, i know i'll cry. not because of the drama or anything like that. but because, it will be so beautiful. a couple of weeks ago, when i was bored at work (which i am all of the time), i saw the first season of the first transformers cartoon. and you know when you get that warm, fuzzy feeling, like when you like someone, or just going on a really cool ride in an amusement park? that's the feeling i got for the cartoons. now, we're talking a cinematic real deal, so to say. and the feeling i'm feeling now is more like when i've just bought plane tickets somewhere i've longed to go! i can't wait to see the movie and i'm seriously counting down the minutes (right now, it's exactly 2h30m, which is also my brake and a colleague brought a cake)!


whiteboy can't move his feet

my brother moved yesterday. took half a day off to help him. dad was with us as well. there were papers to sign. getting the keys. moving the furniture in to his new flat. it's a nice apartment, it is. needs some renovating, like new floor, new wallpaper/paint, adjusting the kitchen. and the bathroom, maybe. not necessarily, but it would be sweet. but that's none of my business, i'm just gonna help and advice if he wants it. =)

while we were moving, my dad's friend (also icelandic) called. his nephew was in town, this 21 year-old former football player that was just visiting over the weekend before meeting up with his friends at roskilde. he wanted to try the nightlife and had no one to go out with, so his nice uncle called my dad to hear if any of us brothers wanted to party at our old "home town". i had already made plans for the evening, i was gonna meet some friends and party at some gay club at first, but felt that i had to change my plans. the thought of a him alone in a swedish nightclub was just unbearable (swedes can be very tricky people. not outgoing like most other). but i wasn't going to alter it to much and said that i was going to party in town (stockholm, that is). so we met up, went in to town. and omg, when it comes to partying, first, i'm too swedish. and secondly, i'm not 21. it was a wild night, starting off with a bear at wirströms in gamla stan, continued to kvarnen before going to patricia. went for a burger after that and then home. fell asleep at around 7.30 (which was somewhere when i came home). i'm not 21. so next time, i think i'll stick to partying with people my own age... ;)

woke up right before 8 pm. went and bought pizza, coke, candy and snack. rented 3 movies. that's this night's mission.


*harr* that blasted woman, thóra, has made me test-addicted! :P

Your Pirate Name Is...

Lieutenant-Colonel Master of Horror

What Your Soul Really Looks Like

You are a warm hearted and open minded person. It's easy for you to forgive and forget.

You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you're head is in the clouds.

You see yourself with pretty objective eyes. How you view yourself is almost exactly how other people view you.

Your near future is likely to be filled with great successes and accomplishments. You just need to figure out how to get there.

For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.

can't help it. but it's true! omg!

and if you told me this, i'd apparently go home with you...

Your Pickup Line Is

If I could rearrange the alphabet... I'd put you between F and CK

yippie! my dad just came and took my old bed away. my brother is moving tomorrow and i'm gonna help him, took half of the day off.

i also have a new neighbor, apparently. he's moving in as we speak. cute. ;)

the sun is shining, the river is deep

in no more than a month from now, will i have my vacation. last year i spent the summer on iceland. where the temperature stayed at around 10 degrees celsius, with mostly grey skies and small, but constant raining. last year, sweden had the hottest summer recorded since the 40's or so, and it wasn't without some envy that i came back to sweden (i mistook it for jamaica at first, but jamaicans ain't that into eurovision). not that i didn't like spending my time on iceland. i just wanted the sweet hot weather to be were i was to.

well, i hoped that this summer would be hot and sunny, not only for me to enjoy a warm summer, but also because i was hoping that the charter-prices would go down, since people don't go from a hot country to another hot country, just for the sun.

but all through europe, the weather seems either to be hot desert sun or pouring rain. sweden is getting it's share of the latter. småland in the south of sweden has on several places been flooded. dams can't hold the water because of the heavy raining and the soil can't absorb the quantities of water, leaving buildings and roads open for devastaion. the same has and is still happening in england. in the southern and southeast regions of europe a heat wave has reached it's climax with over 40 degrees celsius. these weather conditions has killed more than 40 people.

also pakistan and india has had problems with the weather, a cyclone that has taken several lives and leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless.

maybe i wouldn't mind paying higher plane tickets now.


midsummer - the sequel

so, now it's monday and the weekend's gone! my friends came over, we didn't go out to bbq the food. It was hot and a litle bit humid, but the sun was behind big, grey clouds that looked like they wanted to pour some water on us. we started off by playing a game of uno. dolly and glenn were new to the game, so they were kind of frustrated when it didn't go so well. anders, a friend of mine, called and asked to come over. we ate, we talked, we did weird faces and eventually we went out (except dolly and glenn, who went home). anders ditched me and patrik, and i decided to go home.

the headache the next day was unbearable. but, then again, i had no one to blame but myself. what i hate most about being hung over is that i always wake up so damn early! i always wake up between 5-8, even though i can fall asleep as late 2. but i stayed in bed and slept on and off untill 2 pm before dragging my awful self to the shower. much refreshed after that, i went to my parents where mom was making her fabolous food and where my brother was watching some interesting chef that cursed alot on tv. dad wanted to clap my head, since i was hung over and thought that i would die out of taking in 2 panodil pills for my head ache. well, we came to the conclusion that it's a privilege to die around your loved ones and also in the comfort of my parents sofa. cause it's hell of a comfortable couch! i rested alot there and got better (note: less hung over). we played games and had a nice evening. i didn't want to go back to the mayhem my apartment had become from after the party (and i hate that about parties! you always clean it to tiptop shape, and then the next day, it's all one, bigger mess than before you cleaned!)so i spent the night at my hotel ma. didn't really come home until yesterday at around 5 pm. met robert and his girlfriend kristin first. we went in to town and had ourselves some coffee and very expensive sodas and juice. of course, i cleaned the apartment somewhat when i came home, so it could look respectable.



some friends will come in a couple of hours. we're talking about barbecuing if the weather isn't to bad (apparently it's suppose to rain). but first i have to clean up and make it nice at home, in case the weathermen might be right. but then i just have this tiny problem. for some reason, i'm not allowed to use the toilet. i don't know why, nor how long. just that when i came home the other day, the guys that did the renovation (in december!) had taped the toilet. so, i'm kinda hoping that it won't rain, so i won't have to direct my guests to the bathroom in the kindergarden in the house (you still have to go down to the basement, then out and in). weird, though, since i've been able to use the bathroom since january.



got my salary today. mo' money, mo' booz! :P happy midsummer, mf:s!


martina graduating for real!

she's not the first of my friends that's finished university, but she's the one that makes me most proud of having done it.

martina has now finished 5½ years of studying social science and psychology to become a teacher. she did it without any studentloans, with a job on the side and for the past 10 months moving and redecorating a whole apartment (and i'm telling you, she didn't just change the drapes. it was the whole shabang)! still, never did she miss, nor fail any test and most of them did she not just get grades, but good, higher, highest grades.

on top of that, has she also gotten her a job! as a teacher, mind you, not that many (except in math and natural science) get those jobs in the beginning. she did though have to exchange psychology for computer, but seriously, that class is so simple, a brain dead 2-year old could hold it. it's about word and excel. not so tuff.

anyway, she invited close friends and family over last saturday to celebrate. that included me and it was nice to meet up with her and people i hadn't met for a while. and... i think i've talked martina's mother on going on a cruise with me. hmmm...
martina had, for this day, made pies and cake covered in whipped cream and strawberries. i can only tell you how delisch everything was (which reminds me; martina, i want those recepies!) and i was almost bloated when i went home.

congratulations martina on you finishing school! not alot of people would have been able to do it the way you did. but you did it, not just mediocre, but brilliantly. many best of wishes to the girl that's become a woman! ;) i'm proud!


gledilegan thjódhátídardagur, ísland!

happy independence day, iceland!


gem sweater

just too cool to ignore!

yippie! i'm getting my vacation! from july 30th to august 10th (or week 31 & 32). my first week will be well spent with anton on some charter vacation spot, whilst my 2nd week will be in gothenburg, meeting up with thóra and that festival i've talked about earlier, with erykah badu.


hrannar in town

my cousin was in town this weekend. him and some people from his class came to compete with other law students in some nordic competition held in sthockholm last weekend. they're schedule was tight, but i caught him saturday night at berns. his team won, but the other team from iceland lost and so, they were out of the competition. no big sorrow, more time to party, as i got to find out. see, on iceland, most places close somewhere at around 6. here, in sweden, most places close at 3. so the other (few) places that closes later, like, around 5 or so, get quite crowded when the clock rings in the 3rd hour.
me myself, ain't to used to go out in stockholm, so me being a good guide to the party people of iceland wasn't an easy task. i asked the guard at berns for some places, but they were full when we got there. called the cabcompany, and even 118118 for some handy advice on where to take these people, but all without success. so, right before 4 am, we gave up and went home.
he called me last night to ask me of where to go if he wanted some beer. they had been invited for dinner on a boat that toured them around the stockholm archipelago. i guess it ended late. and funny enough, they had the answer to their question. on where to get a drink close by from where they were. and then i said goodbye to any future career as a guide. ;)
i think he's gone home now, flights to iceland usually go around noon and so i say, until next time. *wave*


it ain't fun being icelandic in sweden today. i'm pretty glad i didn't see the game, though, cause then my confidence would have gone down the drain.
but i guess it's in order to congratulate sweden in the winning.


ahh, this weekend has been sooo good. or, maybe last week was just good. yeaterday, i, with the company of fine people such as glenn, dolly, s:t patrick and davidoff. we were suppose to have brunch, but apparently the place had stopped serving brunch two weeks ago. still, we sat outside on mosebacke and had lunch instead. and ah, the view. stockholm is a fantastic and beautiful city, especially in the sun at that height. after that, glenn and dolly had to go and get themselves a new computer, since the last one was stolen (they'd had it for 3 months!) and we, the three stooges walked around town, just taking in the fantastic weather and the fantastic day as this sunday happened to be. we had icecream and sat in berzeli parc. robbs came by later during the day.
then, the hangover and wearyness from little sleep the night before, told me to go home and rest. i fell asleep at around 19 and woke this morning at 6. a friend of mine called while i was sleeping. i took the call, still sleeping, then slowly waking up to understand that she did not want to know where the phonelines were dug... hehe... yeah... never call sleeping people, they (we?) tend to get angry. ;)

tomorrow, it's a night on the town with my parents, haha. some icelandic artists will be giving a concert, and i have two tickets. no one (wonder why) has so far said yes.


upgrading the wardrobe

just came home from some shopping. my wardrobe is getting a bit old... and a bit to slim. or maybe i'm getting bigger. besides, i need more casual business wear, like nice pants and pullovers. even though i don't need looking all businessy type, it feels like the way to go. i don't have to look like a slob, just because my work doesn't commend me to. sure, sometimes it's comfy to dress like you don't care. and that's expensive to. but, sometimes you just feel that you need to dress up instead of down, you know??!

anyway, the pants i bought was a nicer pair of jeans, casual wear for work, still nice, and then also a pair of shorts. not nicer (but more expensive than the other pair), but, well, still needed. after all. summer's here!


sexy spot

You Are 84% Sexy

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You're crazy hot, and you deliver on what you promise. You are definitely one wild ride.


my new hero

a friend of mine recently gave me this amazing adress, to which us non tv users can guide us through tv-land. without downloading a single byte!

my cousin sparkarinn gave me a tip on a cool cart0on show that quickly grew in my heart. it's the cartoon about invader zim. especially the alien zim's crazy dum robot, gir! he's become my new hero.

the litle critter overconsumes everything he can lay his hands on, especially emotions and earth food and most of the time behaves like a 4-year-old with adhd. but he does it so well, you can't help but want him as your pet.

la môme

saw the movie 'la môme' yesterday with my wonderful sassy s. funny enough, the swedish translator translated the title of the film to 'la vie en rose'... which is of course weird, since translating a french title to french is... well, stupid, pardon my french.
the story is about the life of which the great singer edith piaf lived and shows us just how much life can be, both fragile and joyful. it is not a sobmovie nor a chickflick, even though i am inclined to pushing it into that corner. but is it more a movie about life itself and where everyone has something to take from it.
when me and sassy s were discussing what movies we were to go to, my (obvious) suggestion was the newly released 'pirates of caribbean', when sassy s told that it would be 'la vie en rose' or nothing at all. so i dragged myself to the cinema, waiting to pay a fortune for about 2 h sleep. but when the movie was finished and the lights turned on, it was me sitting there, sobbing and thinking of the greatness of such a small and frail woman.
she was so whole, yet broken at the same time. maybe that's how we all are. whole, yet broken, looking to be fixed.

dagens citat

[h]aha.[d]et vet jag inte, han verkar ha problem med internetinloggningar, så det kanske inte är så lämpligt.
carl bildt
svarar tidningen metro om inte lars danielsson
vore intressant för jobbet som ambassadör på sveriges
virtuella ambassad i second life


making ammends

last night i flipped it once more and tossed myself over the phone, made a call to "that guy" and finally, gave my confession. of course, he remembered nothing and my wrongdoing was no cataclyst to any event, but to my own conscience. he gave a whole other story to what had happened in which, i took no part in, more than a mere passing by.
what's most important is that i feel that i have confessed and apologized, lifted my conscience and done the right thing... after doing a wrong one. no other intentions, just getting it off my chest. so, all good.

will we meet again? sure, fantastic is fantastic alike, as i'd like to say (or so).


sponsored by manpower

last wednesday, our department at manpower invited us for dinner and a boatride along the archipelago in stockholm. we got to chose between schrimps or tacos and along with beer or wine. there was live music on the boat and... well, you can see for yourself. :)

i can stand not having sex if i can...

see this movie instead... *drewl*


saturday nite out

my cousin hugrún and her friend berglind were here over the weekend and we went out on saturday. this is part of our nite out in stockholm (click on the picture).


just wanted to say... i hate my fucking job!!!

yesterday @ norra brunn

yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
i drank all the beer my belly could sway, oh
i believe in yesterday
suddenly, the crowd broke out in laughter counting on three
there was a joke hanging over me, oh
yesterday, was playfully
how they can make those jokes, i don't know, they wouldn't say
i sence it was the passing bong but who am i anyway
yesterday, comedians had a crowd that was drunk and gay
now i'm at my fucking job and i wish it away, oh
yesterday, come back and play



well, i met up with this guy yesterday. no coffee, but some juice and a very nice toast. he had a sandwich named dragon, while i had a prince, haha! we ate and talked for about an hour and it was really nice. so nice, i didn't really want to spoil the good atmosphere with my ammends. so we parted, him saying that we could meet again next week.
sooner or later i have to tell him how sorry i am. i'm determined to make it sooner. but apparently i don't know how soon that is.



going to have a cop'a'coffee with this guy that i met in december. to apologize for my stupidity and bad, bad, bad behaviour some time ago.
we haven't really spoken since then and i've been kicking myself in the butt for it ever since. well, last week, i stopped kicking my butt and gave him a call. he sounded happy to hear from me. but we'll see. it's less than an hour left before impact. and i gotta tell ya. i'm nervous as hell!



psycho bitch from hell

omg!!! just had a crazy lady in my ear and oh my god(!!!) was she a drag. or, i wish she was one, at least her comments had been witty and gay (name the musical).
so, i work in a customer service for a phonecompany, with certain duties. and this lady was way off our business of expertise. so i tried to help her to the right customer service. but this lady wasn't even going to ask for that. she wanted to know what had happened to her phone. 20 minutes, i sat with her, trying to make her understand that our department did not handle that type of problems. 20 minutes!!! some might say, that it's not much, but add the fact that an average call lasts for about 3 minutes, then it's one hell of a call! not to mention that i didn't have a saying in there, except for a total of 1½ minutes. not kidding!
in the end, my colleagues had gathered round me (for support?) and she was directed to our customer service manager... that told her the same thing i did.


rena barn, rent dagis

mångkultur är fel anser nationaldemokrater och vill starta etniskt rena dagis. i både uppsala och södertälje. partiets ledare marc abramsson säger
det skulle vara väldigt fint att ge dem en bra start, en svensk start. men också där man skulle dra ner på genuspedagogiken och andra konstiga idéer som man försöker indoktrinera barnen med
även partiets partisekreterare vávra suk talar om detta
på vanliga dagis har man barn från alla kulturer och det tycker vi är fel. det går emot allting man gjort tidigare i historien, det naturliga är att uppfostra barn i en nationell anda
själv är vávra suk från tjeckien och vidare berättar hon om det:
det är inte samma kultur, men de är kompatibla, vi har samma bakgrund med kristendom och allt vad det innebär. vi bryr oss om alla kulturer, speciellt de västerländska. jag arbetar för ett samförstånd mellan de europeiska kulturerna.
väldigt underligt tycker jag att vissa kulturer ska kunna komma till samförstånd, men inte andra. vart drar man gränsen? har nd, sd och andra rasförrädare (människorasen är ändå bara en) missat att våra kristna värderingar och religion kommer från mellanöstern? och att allah och gud är en och samma? för inte verkar det som att de tillhör en kultur som kan ansöka om samförstånd.
när jag var liten gick jag på ett dagis som hade 2 avdelningar, en svensk och en spansk. och jag skulle aldrig byta ut mitt dagis mot nåt annat. vi hade jätteroligt, trots andra kulturer. visst ja, spanjorer är också västerlänningar. men de barn som var från latinamerika eller andra spansktalande delar av världen? storbrittanien är västerländskt. inkluderar det indien och hong kong?


vad är ditt fultal?

ja, vad är ditt fultal?

utan att avslöja för mycket är jag i klass med bill "i did not have oral sex with that woman" clinton (hade jag sagt det hade det åtminstone varit sant).


sd behåller färgerna trots allt

i dagens metro står det på sidan 2 om de programförslag som ska tas upp i årskongressen.
förslagen som räknas upp är följande:
  • tio år för medborgarskap - man ska alltså ha bott i sverige i tio år för att få ansöka om svenskt medborgarskap.
  • permanent uppehållstillstånd bör avskaffas
  • asylsökande som begår brott ska utvisas direkt
  • den som gömmer illegala flyktingar ska dömas till fängelse
  • skollov ska endast gälla för traditionellt svenska och kristna högtider samt att svenska kyrkan får vara enda samfund som får verka i skolan
  • religiösa byggnader med "en för svensk byggnadstradition främmande arkitektur" ska inte få byggas
  • avgift motsvarande ett basbelopp för att få hit sin make/sambo, samt att man kan uppvisa att man har lämplig bostad och tar försörjningsansvar

nyckelordet för sd är här assimilering och vidare i artikeln berättar matti karlsson, partistyrelsemedlemmen för sd, att för att underlätta denna assimilering ska invandringen från "kulturellt avlägsna länder" starkt begränsas, vilket han menar vara främst från den muslimska världen, enligt artikeln i metro.

vidare berättar svd:

[partistyrelsen] medger att partiet saknar politiska program för tunga områden som sjukvård, miljöpolitik och utrikespolitik. handlingarna som nu skickats ut till riksårsmötets 180 ombud och 50 suppleanter innehåller bara två politikområden.

tyngst är det invandrarpolitiska programmet, på lite drygt sex sidor. där vill sd bland annat ha skarpa krav för medborgarskap, mindre invandring från "kulturellt avlägsna länder".

handlingsplanen för äldreomsorgen är på lite drygt tre sidor. där talar sd för nationella kvalitetskrav, mer forskning och utbildning, kommunala äldreskyddsombud, medicinsk kompetens, kostfrågor, valfrihet, rätt till boende och social samvaro, stöd till anhöriga, avlastning samt uppsökande och flexibel vård i både offentlig och privat regi.

sd har länge jobbat på att ta bort stämpeln som främlingsfientligt parti. men förslagen visar ju svart på vitt vad som är deras politik. och att deras politik går ut på att skilja människor åt.

när man grundade usa hade man en tanke att alla var jämlika. men slaveriet gav landet en hycklande eftersmak och det var inte förrän lincoln blev president som denna tanke ställdes på sin spets. det är inte för inte som jag känner samma hycklande eftersmak när ett parti som sd säger sig icke vara främlingsfientligt, men uppvisar samma attityd till religionsfriheten, en av de fyra grundlagarna, som förenta staternas 1700-tal visade "all men are equal".

cool design

pretty cool what industrial designers can accomplish.


vacation - a festivity

just booked traintickets to gothenburg in august. for the festival. and also for meeting up with thóra in gothenburg. anna, one of her best friends is getting married (mozel tov, honey!). gotta tell ya, i'm so excited! =)


pandora closes it's box

got this in my mail recently:

Today we have some extremely disappointing news to share with you. Due to international licensing constraints, we are deeply, deeply sorry to say that we must begin proactively preventing access to Pandora's streaming service for most countries outside of the U.S /.../

Delivery of Pandora is based on proper licensing from the people who created the music - we have always believed in honoring the guidelines as determined by legislators and regulators, artists and songwriters, and the labels and publishers they work with. In the U.S. there is a federal statute that provides this license for all the music streamed on Pandora. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent license outside the U.S. and there is no global licensing organization to enable us to legitimately offer Pandora around the world. Other than in the U.K., we have not yet been able to make significant progress in our efforts to obtain a sufficient number of international licenses at terms that would enable us to run a viable business. The volume of listening on Pandora makes it a very expensive service to run. Streaming costs are very high, and since our inception, we have been making publishing and performance royalty payments for every song we play.

Until now, we have not been able to tell where a listener is based, relying only on zip code information provided upon registration. We are now able to recognize a listener's country of origin based on the IP address from which they are accessing the service. Consequently, on May 3rd, we will begin blocking access to Pandora to listeners from your country. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative.

for those of you that don't know what pandora is, it's a webpage that gives you personalized internet radio stations. you type in a song or an artist and pandora creates a station playing the kind of music similar to the music you typed in. ingenious is a word i come to think of.

for the past few weeks, internet radio stations have been protesting against higher royalties.

On March 2, 2007 the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB), which oversees sound recording royalties paid by Internet radio services, increased Internet radio's royalty burden between 300 and 1200 percent and thereby jeopardized the industry’s future.

At the request of the Recording Industry Association of America, the CRB ignored the fact that Internet radio royalties were already double what satellite radio pays, and multiplied the royalties even further.

this. this shit here, makes me mad! i use pandora all the time! i use it to find new inspriation. most of my newfound musical loves have been spotted on pandora. and it's apparent to me who's to blame here. and it's not pandora!

smalltalk with the boss

my boss came over today to my workplace. we had a small chat about my future and expectations with manpower and such. the place i'm working @ now is somewhere closer to 'barely tolerant' on a scale from good to excruciating. yeah, yeah, nice people and all that, but let's face it. when you're stuck with a job description fitting a blind monkey, with his hands tied behind his back, it's not a feast for the intellect to going to work, exactly. but my boss is good, we're on the same page. then we smalltalked a bit. not everyday one smalltalks to the boss. we both talked about going to the george micheal concert held on june 29th.

ps. i just bought a ticket to the "way out west" festival on august 10-11! woohoo! ds.


george michael to town

need i say more? who's with me on june 29th for an evening with me and george? promise, we won't get nasty... ;)

just gotta say... im booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooored @ work! it sucks!


me and my dear friend mr a-whole have for the past few days talked about taking a charter trip somewhere in the world. and all we know we want is sun, beach, booze and an all inclusive. i've gone thru all the major charter agencies and just losely looked through some destinations and i can't come over the fact that it's all so f*cking expensive! seriously! i'm ok with 3-4 thousand SEK per person, but double that??! hopefully we can take a last minute trip to the sun. we deserve it. and we need it. yumyum, let's see the sun!


tax free?

called the swedish tax office yesterday. not as scary as i thought it would be, but somewhat of a thriller when put on hold every time a question was asked.
the woman answering was nice and answered fast, within 5 minutes, even though i was number 174 in line. crazy, i thought while i was chattering away about how i accidently misplaced my tax declaration. in the end, she had to take my number and let someone else call back.
dreadfully i asked the big question about me working on iceland and how this is handled between the different countries and boy was that a thrilling ride. we almost debated about the subject and in the end she took my number and told me someone was going to call. not even an hour later (and mind you, it's declaration time in sweden), someone called with the joyful news that since i'd already paid taxes there, i was not to pay taxes in the country i'm living in.
it might seem strange, i know, but in sweden, you're suppose to pay taxes even for working in other countries. which was why i asked.


bye bye telenor

just called my mobilephone company, telenor and broke up with them. it started 7 years ago, when the world was still sweet and the company still nice. and named vodafone. i bought my first phone, a motorola. it had a green display and was also a touch screen. way cool, i thought when i spent my savings. had it for some time, switched to another phone after a couple of years, stood by vodafone, like the faithful customer i am. i liked vodafone. but then, last year, vodafone became telenor. not to my liking. so, 3 months from now, it's tele2 for me. never had them before. let's give them a try.


erykah badu to sweden

finally! on august 10-11th, erykah is attending a festival, "way out west" in gothenburg. the price is only 1200 sek *hurl*

but what don't you do to see the queen of art, love and all that is fair?




first timers

ahh... woke up around 9.30 Sunday morning and felt rested and new. why, and yes, i have a new bed. thanks for noticing. ;) went to ikea on friday and bought myself a bed. and i've slept in it for the first time. all i can say is mmm...

and for the first time in a long time, i told someone off. i showed my anger, i told her what i thought (without going evil on her ass). the co-worker who commented on my effort at work. she had evasive explanations and sweet talk in her back pocket, but the anger only faded slowly. so we talked. she apologized. and i accepted.
i do think that her apology was real, but i don't think that she really understood why i became mad at her in the first place. the good news is though that i'm not angry about it any more. and not bitter, cursing and talking it over in the head while doing dishes, like so many times before.

another first timer was a woman i met tonight. a truely wonderful woman, whom i invited for coffee and talked to. bright, humble, person with the skills to see you and meet you at your level. a woman who follows her gut feeling. and i like that. my own gut feeling says that she's a keeper.

and in, not the distant future lies a trip to the states and especially the big apple. first time all over, in other words. haven't met my friend, the f-man in several years, whom i'll be staying at. and the rest is just for the first time!

first timers... i like'em!


getting it out of your system

you know those times when you get a totally absurd thought in your mind, and no matter what you do, you can't get it out?

well, yesterday when i came home, i was pondering about in the fridge, trying to elaborate my evening feast. in my fridge, i found black pudding, just lying in the shades, on the top shelf. as i took it out of the fridge, my starving stomach roared. and then i found myself staring at it. the black pudding. to eat or not to eat, was the question at hand. or so one, might think. my question was more leaning towards if the pig whose blood i was about to digest had aids. and with that question, my mind froze.

now, how in jesus name am i going to eat black pudding, now that i, somehow, came to the conclusion had aids? i tried talking myself into that it just neede to be heated to 76°C. but it didn't work. and of course, i tried to tell myself, that i was just going mental on the poor pudding, but that, of course, definitely didn't help.
so i called a friend. tried to make him shake it off me. it didn't work. he almost convinced me to become a vegetarian, just to make sure that i didn't eat anything bloody.
what did help though was just to chat with him, letting it out so i could focus on something else. or getting it out of my system.

a dear, dear friend of mine is at the mental hospital and has been there for about a week. she has, from what i know, mentally collapsed, but is recovering and getting things that's been in her, out of her system, which is good. of course.
it makes me really ambivalent. i'm trying to stay strong, but at some points i burst. of course.

so when it comes to work, i've been a bit distracted, to say the least. and ambivalent to whether i should tell anyone at work about it. and with anyone, i'm mainly referring to my teamleader. i decided today that i was going to tell her. not an easy choice, i find, but i need to get it out of my system. expecially after today.
you see, i have a colleague who remarked on my perfomance at work today. she didn't think that i was doing good enough. and since, i have only felt an anger that's been growing. at my work, se have goals. of course. and our tl (teamleader) keeps statistics, which is open to everyone, since we all need to put in our data, our work in there. in my book, one can look, but not judge. and i work in the way that if i would use the statistics at hand, i would use them to see who is above me, so that i can work towards reaching their goals. and by that become better. but my colleague looked at the data from today that i had fed and thought that i should know that i hadn't done that many errands. which is like saying that i'm not doing my job. and that is the worst way to use statistics, between co-workers. i got so mad, that i almost cried. maybe i'm overreacting, but i feel violated. why comment such a thing? why make such a remark? why??! i don't understand it. it is not in her place to make remarks on the efforts i make at work. it is not in her place to control other co-workers results and base judgements according to them. she doesn't have a big enough picture to take a discussion on her co-workers efforts. is she calling me lazy? have bad working morale? what does she mean with making such a comment??! i got so mad about this, that i felt i couldn't even take my coffee break at the same time as the others, because i didn't want to sit and sip hot beverages close to her and her remarks.
so tomorrow. i'm getting it out of my system. which means war.


hey ya'll! talked to a friend of mine before and he expressed how disappointed he was that the blog hadn't been updated for such a long time. which is true. it was some time that i was here. well, i have been here, to start writing something, but i always end up getting bored of writing before i get to publish the post.

and so much has been going on since i wrote the last time. i've just been busy elsewhere. a lot of working, (my job demands overtime) which i really don't mind, since that means more cash (and even more now, thanks to the government in sweden). i don't know who knows, but there is a trip planned to n.y. in the end of march, to visit my dear old friend, the f-man. it's gonna be a whole week just having fun. but most of the times, that costs. so, my goal is to save $2000 just for spending... ;) hehe... and i've saved around $1000 so far, so it's not impossible.
then i've been living with the smurfs, but have finally moved home (no offence, smurfs) and the feeling of getting home... well, let's just say that i'm always carrying a pair of red shoes in my bag. the apartment isn't quite finished, but it is geting there, slowly but surely. i'm going off to ikea this week to buy a new bed and some other well-needed stuff. i have some ideas, but as always, one needs the money and the time to do it. but i will get there.

i've also fallen into playing computergames, especially neverwinter nights. and man is that a good game. i'm not quite the fanatic, letting it taking up all of my time, but i do play when i play. neverwinter nights 2 has come out and i will probably get it when i've finished the first one.
and i don't have a tv, but have been thinking about buying one, since i saw that you could get a 42" hdtv for around 18000 sek. and from what i've heard, that's expensive! when did tvs become so cheap?!? looked at the net and i saw the same tv for 14000 sek. but i've decided to wait with that for a while. i have my canapé to think about first of all. and then i'm not getting a tv unless i get an xbox 360. so there's a lot of stuff to buy in the world. and before i start with that kind of luxury merchandise, i'm going to start with the bed and lamps, a reading chair and some curtains.

yet for now, i'm enjoying what i can get on the internet. like this happy couple!