kill the impaired

according to aftonbladet, a man studying to become a nurse in norway has caused a storm since he suggested that functionally impaired babies should be disposed of, if it's not possible to make them healthy and useful in society.
people and professionals are now questioning his suitability as a nurse.
well, i can't say that i sympathize with his opinions. and i question why he's chosen to work with aiding sick people, if his opinions are so cynical. but views and actions can be quite different, though i would wonder, possibly fear, what actions he might take, would he work with impaired, crippled or old people. the question is also, if he can put his own opinions aside while working. will he give the same help to all and work indiscriminately, or, will his personal opinion cloud his judgement and make him act in another way?
well, despite of any conclusions one can make out of his suggestion, it just isn't enough to draw the conclusion that he can't work as a nurse. because we can't judge a character by their words, but by their actions.

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