so pissed

don't remember if i've written about how my new phone operator messed up, so i've been forced to buy a new number which i have to refill every now and then to be able to make a call. of course that means sending out my new number to everyone with the message that not to throw away my old number, cause it will come back to me.
my new operator told me that they would have fixed everything until i came back from my vacation. which of course wasn't the case. i now turned to my old operator to make sure that they had really kept the number to hand over to the new operator. you know, i had just made sure of that particular detail 5 times before. but one can never be sure. apparently. they never kept the number to hand over, but instead, it's been quarantined(?) and i can "apply" to get it back, but then i won't have it before 22nd of september!
to tell them that i thought they'd handled my matter inappropriately, i had to send them a letter stating what had gone wrong. and no, i could apparently not talk to anyone in charge of their customer service.

i've sent them the letter. now i have to talk to my new operator and ask them when i will get a new sim-card so i can get off the f*cking refill shit. it's amazing how one must do everything by oneself in order to get it right!

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