just wanted to check in. am at work now, there's a slight breeze of relaxation right now. phew!
my new (and 3rd within a year!) boss just came with my current one. it's introduction-day, so it's time to put up my better sides. thank god i've shaved!
i think i'm going to apply for jobs today. i'm getting tired of manpower. and especially where i am now. thank heaven for my pal freddie kreuger. without him, this place would have been hell. we can at least have fun comparing man boobs.
laundry day today as well. and tomorrow it's pay day! woohoo! the vacation left me broke and i have no food nor money. and now is the time to continue with the apartment. buying curtains and bed sheets. i'm so daft sometimes! bought a new, bigger bed some time ago, and didn't think about buying new bed sheets, so most of them are to small.
well, i'm off... to new adventures!

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