whiteboy can't move his feet

my brother moved yesterday. took half a day off to help him. dad was with us as well. there were papers to sign. getting the keys. moving the furniture in to his new flat. it's a nice apartment, it is. needs some renovating, like new floor, new wallpaper/paint, adjusting the kitchen. and the bathroom, maybe. not necessarily, but it would be sweet. but that's none of my business, i'm just gonna help and advice if he wants it. =)

while we were moving, my dad's friend (also icelandic) called. his nephew was in town, this 21 year-old former football player that was just visiting over the weekend before meeting up with his friends at roskilde. he wanted to try the nightlife and had no one to go out with, so his nice uncle called my dad to hear if any of us brothers wanted to party at our old "home town". i had already made plans for the evening, i was gonna meet some friends and party at some gay club at first, but felt that i had to change my plans. the thought of a him alone in a swedish nightclub was just unbearable (swedes can be very tricky people. not outgoing like most other). but i wasn't going to alter it to much and said that i was going to party in town (stockholm, that is). so we met up, went in to town. and omg, when it comes to partying, first, i'm too swedish. and secondly, i'm not 21. it was a wild night, starting off with a bear at wirströms in gamla stan, continued to kvarnen before going to patricia. went for a burger after that and then home. fell asleep at around 7.30 (which was somewhere when i came home). i'm not 21. so next time, i think i'll stick to partying with people my own age... ;)

woke up right before 8 pm. went and bought pizza, coke, candy and snack. rented 3 movies. that's this night's mission.


*harr* that blasted woman, thóra, has made me test-addicted! :P

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can't help it. but it's true! omg!

and if you told me this, i'd apparently go home with you...

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yippie! my dad just came and took my old bed away. my brother is moving tomorrow and i'm gonna help him, took half of the day off.

i also have a new neighbor, apparently. he's moving in as we speak. cute. ;)

the sun is shining, the river is deep

in no more than a month from now, will i have my vacation. last year i spent the summer on iceland. where the temperature stayed at around 10 degrees celsius, with mostly grey skies and small, but constant raining. last year, sweden had the hottest summer recorded since the 40's or so, and it wasn't without some envy that i came back to sweden (i mistook it for jamaica at first, but jamaicans ain't that into eurovision). not that i didn't like spending my time on iceland. i just wanted the sweet hot weather to be were i was to.

well, i hoped that this summer would be hot and sunny, not only for me to enjoy a warm summer, but also because i was hoping that the charter-prices would go down, since people don't go from a hot country to another hot country, just for the sun.

but all through europe, the weather seems either to be hot desert sun or pouring rain. sweden is getting it's share of the latter. småland in the south of sweden has on several places been flooded. dams can't hold the water because of the heavy raining and the soil can't absorb the quantities of water, leaving buildings and roads open for devastaion. the same has and is still happening in england. in the southern and southeast regions of europe a heat wave has reached it's climax with over 40 degrees celsius. these weather conditions has killed more than 40 people.

also pakistan and india has had problems with the weather, a cyclone that has taken several lives and leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless.

maybe i wouldn't mind paying higher plane tickets now.


midsummer - the sequel

so, now it's monday and the weekend's gone! my friends came over, we didn't go out to bbq the food. It was hot and a litle bit humid, but the sun was behind big, grey clouds that looked like they wanted to pour some water on us. we started off by playing a game of uno. dolly and glenn were new to the game, so they were kind of frustrated when it didn't go so well. anders, a friend of mine, called and asked to come over. we ate, we talked, we did weird faces and eventually we went out (except dolly and glenn, who went home). anders ditched me and patrik, and i decided to go home.

the headache the next day was unbearable. but, then again, i had no one to blame but myself. what i hate most about being hung over is that i always wake up so damn early! i always wake up between 5-8, even though i can fall asleep as late 2. but i stayed in bed and slept on and off untill 2 pm before dragging my awful self to the shower. much refreshed after that, i went to my parents where mom was making her fabolous food and where my brother was watching some interesting chef that cursed alot on tv. dad wanted to clap my head, since i was hung over and thought that i would die out of taking in 2 panodil pills for my head ache. well, we came to the conclusion that it's a privilege to die around your loved ones and also in the comfort of my parents sofa. cause it's hell of a comfortable couch! i rested alot there and got better (note: less hung over). we played games and had a nice evening. i didn't want to go back to the mayhem my apartment had become from after the party (and i hate that about parties! you always clean it to tiptop shape, and then the next day, it's all one, bigger mess than before you cleaned!)so i spent the night at my hotel ma. didn't really come home until yesterday at around 5 pm. met robert and his girlfriend kristin first. we went in to town and had ourselves some coffee and very expensive sodas and juice. of course, i cleaned the apartment somewhat when i came home, so it could look respectable.



some friends will come in a couple of hours. we're talking about barbecuing if the weather isn't to bad (apparently it's suppose to rain). but first i have to clean up and make it nice at home, in case the weathermen might be right. but then i just have this tiny problem. for some reason, i'm not allowed to use the toilet. i don't know why, nor how long. just that when i came home the other day, the guys that did the renovation (in december!) had taped the toilet. so, i'm kinda hoping that it won't rain, so i won't have to direct my guests to the bathroom in the kindergarden in the house (you still have to go down to the basement, then out and in). weird, though, since i've been able to use the bathroom since january.



got my salary today. mo' money, mo' booz! :P happy midsummer, mf:s!


martina graduating for real!

she's not the first of my friends that's finished university, but she's the one that makes me most proud of having done it.

martina has now finished 5½ years of studying social science and psychology to become a teacher. she did it without any studentloans, with a job on the side and for the past 10 months moving and redecorating a whole apartment (and i'm telling you, she didn't just change the drapes. it was the whole shabang)! still, never did she miss, nor fail any test and most of them did she not just get grades, but good, higher, highest grades.

on top of that, has she also gotten her a job! as a teacher, mind you, not that many (except in math and natural science) get those jobs in the beginning. she did though have to exchange psychology for computer, but seriously, that class is so simple, a brain dead 2-year old could hold it. it's about word and excel. not so tuff.

anyway, she invited close friends and family over last saturday to celebrate. that included me and it was nice to meet up with her and people i hadn't met for a while. and... i think i've talked martina's mother on going on a cruise with me. hmmm...
martina had, for this day, made pies and cake covered in whipped cream and strawberries. i can only tell you how delisch everything was (which reminds me; martina, i want those recepies!) and i was almost bloated when i went home.

congratulations martina on you finishing school! not alot of people would have been able to do it the way you did. but you did it, not just mediocre, but brilliantly. many best of wishes to the girl that's become a woman! ;) i'm proud!


gledilegan thjódhátídardagur, ísland!

happy independence day, iceland!


gem sweater

just too cool to ignore!

yippie! i'm getting my vacation! from july 30th to august 10th (or week 31 & 32). my first week will be well spent with anton on some charter vacation spot, whilst my 2nd week will be in gothenburg, meeting up with thóra and that festival i've talked about earlier, with erykah badu.


hrannar in town

my cousin was in town this weekend. him and some people from his class came to compete with other law students in some nordic competition held in sthockholm last weekend. they're schedule was tight, but i caught him saturday night at berns. his team won, but the other team from iceland lost and so, they were out of the competition. no big sorrow, more time to party, as i got to find out. see, on iceland, most places close somewhere at around 6. here, in sweden, most places close at 3. so the other (few) places that closes later, like, around 5 or so, get quite crowded when the clock rings in the 3rd hour.
me myself, ain't to used to go out in stockholm, so me being a good guide to the party people of iceland wasn't an easy task. i asked the guard at berns for some places, but they were full when we got there. called the cabcompany, and even 118118 for some handy advice on where to take these people, but all without success. so, right before 4 am, we gave up and went home.
he called me last night to ask me of where to go if he wanted some beer. they had been invited for dinner on a boat that toured them around the stockholm archipelago. i guess it ended late. and funny enough, they had the answer to their question. on where to get a drink close by from where they were. and then i said goodbye to any future career as a guide. ;)
i think he's gone home now, flights to iceland usually go around noon and so i say, until next time. *wave*


it ain't fun being icelandic in sweden today. i'm pretty glad i didn't see the game, though, cause then my confidence would have gone down the drain.
but i guess it's in order to congratulate sweden in the winning.


ahh, this weekend has been sooo good. or, maybe last week was just good. yeaterday, i, with the company of fine people such as glenn, dolly, s:t patrick and davidoff. we were suppose to have brunch, but apparently the place had stopped serving brunch two weeks ago. still, we sat outside on mosebacke and had lunch instead. and ah, the view. stockholm is a fantastic and beautiful city, especially in the sun at that height. after that, glenn and dolly had to go and get themselves a new computer, since the last one was stolen (they'd had it for 3 months!) and we, the three stooges walked around town, just taking in the fantastic weather and the fantastic day as this sunday happened to be. we had icecream and sat in berzeli parc. robbs came by later during the day.
then, the hangover and wearyness from little sleep the night before, told me to go home and rest. i fell asleep at around 19 and woke this morning at 6. a friend of mine called while i was sleeping. i took the call, still sleeping, then slowly waking up to understand that she did not want to know where the phonelines were dug... hehe... yeah... never call sleeping people, they (we?) tend to get angry. ;)

tomorrow, it's a night on the town with my parents, haha. some icelandic artists will be giving a concert, and i have two tickets. no one (wonder why) has so far said yes.


upgrading the wardrobe

just came home from some shopping. my wardrobe is getting a bit old... and a bit to slim. or maybe i'm getting bigger. besides, i need more casual business wear, like nice pants and pullovers. even though i don't need looking all businessy type, it feels like the way to go. i don't have to look like a slob, just because my work doesn't commend me to. sure, sometimes it's comfy to dress like you don't care. and that's expensive to. but, sometimes you just feel that you need to dress up instead of down, you know??!

anyway, the pants i bought was a nicer pair of jeans, casual wear for work, still nice, and then also a pair of shorts. not nicer (but more expensive than the other pair), but, well, still needed. after all. summer's here!


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