pablo fransisco on sunday

yippie! just booked tickets to pablo fransisco on sunday. me and p wiggy are going as well as freddie kreuger and his mistress, the lushious cat-woman miauw. i tried to get a hold of rob the blob, but his phone was off and when he called back, i'd already booked the tickets.


upcoming this fall...

i have so many plans, goals and wishes for this fall, that i feel like i'm going to burst! it's time to look forward, be constructive and take action!

i've decided that this fall, i'm going to...
upgrade my wardrobe! (save 15-20000 sek for a day of shopping good, proper, well-mannered clothes)

trim my body! (drop to 70 kilos or at least trim enough to fit in jeans size 30. right now, i have size 33 in some jeans!)

get a new job! i've started applying for new jobs and am on a look out for new openings. so if you hear anything, i'm all ears!

save money! open accounts, use my excisting accounts better. i have an account on iceland. start saving 1000 sek/month, so i have money whenever i go there, i won't need think of money, it's already there. and then one for vacation, one for my home and one, well just to have. let's get rich or die trying. =P

start writing a book! i have an exciting story line and want to put it on the paper. and when i'm done, i'll have a test group with a few handpicked people, reading and commenting. then, i'll be a fuck-yeah writer making doe! hehe... ;)

when it comes to my excercising my goal will be to be to go 3 times a week. and i'm a bit curious on both a dance course in salsa as in kendo. but first getting the gym in my weekly routine, so those things will wait till spring, at least.

then there's the food, in where i'll have to cut back on sweets, soda and alcohol. the last one won't be a problem since i get stomachproblems from drinking.

there's alot of things i need to upgrade! my poor canapé, that is in need of a make over, i'll need probably at least 10000 sek for the remake and maybe even more, if it's in need of new springs... but since i'm in search of a new job, a new wardrobe will fit better at the moment. so, it's just for me to save and save. and as i shrink, my clothes will fit better (they're all to small at the moment), i'll have a new job so i earn more money and then i can save more to in the end save up for my canapé as well as other things!

like a trip to iceland. me and my brothers have been talking about going together for a week this fall to iceland, but no more specific plans have been made. so i'm hoping we can take it later on. or at least i'll travel after x-mas sometime... thinking about taking a long one and maybe doing a us-trip like i did last easter. we'll see. =)


facebook whore

if anybody wonders. yes, i'm a facebook whore. felt like i had to share. thanks for listening.



this morning, while passing the crowds of office people, dressed in suits and dresses i couldn't help but think of how i was dressed. i know i'm not improperly dressed for my work, but it still feels like i'm not dressed quite right. like this morning, i walked past women, properly and yet summery dressed. guys, suit, shirt and tie... some wore jeans and shirt, a few wore plain t-shirts. me, i came to work in jeans and a t-shirt with big letters written 'orgy' all over it. Not maybe the impression i've wanted to make. so, a mental note to myself; don't wear improper clothes to work.
but i've decided to save 15-20 thousand sek and go crazy on shopping clothes for myself. even so crazy, i'm even thinking about taking a day off to do so. hehe... i mean, i still have vacation days to use. i can just imagine the call to my boss 'hi boss. i need to be free on wednesday, cause i'm going shopping that day.'


kill the impaired

according to aftonbladet, a man studying to become a nurse in norway has caused a storm since he suggested that functionally impaired babies should be disposed of, if it's not possible to make them healthy and useful in society.
people and professionals are now questioning his suitability as a nurse.
well, i can't say that i sympathize with his opinions. and i question why he's chosen to work with aiding sick people, if his opinions are so cynical. but views and actions can be quite different, though i would wonder, possibly fear, what actions he might take, would he work with impaired, crippled or old people. the question is also, if he can put his own opinions aside while working. will he give the same help to all and work indiscriminately, or, will his personal opinion cloud his judgement and make him act in another way?
well, despite of any conclusions one can make out of his suggestion, it just isn't enough to draw the conclusion that he can't work as a nurse. because we can't judge a character by their words, but by their actions.


just wanted to check in. am at work now, there's a slight breeze of relaxation right now. phew!
my new (and 3rd within a year!) boss just came with my current one. it's introduction-day, so it's time to put up my better sides. thank god i've shaved!
i think i'm going to apply for jobs today. i'm getting tired of manpower. and especially where i am now. thank heaven for my pal freddie kreuger. without him, this place would have been hell. we can at least have fun comparing man boobs.
laundry day today as well. and tomorrow it's pay day! woohoo! the vacation left me broke and i have no food nor money. and now is the time to continue with the apartment. buying curtains and bed sheets. i'm so daft sometimes! bought a new, bigger bed some time ago, and didn't think about buying new bed sheets, so most of them are to small.
well, i'm off... to new adventures!


so pissed

don't remember if i've written about how my new phone operator messed up, so i've been forced to buy a new number which i have to refill every now and then to be able to make a call. of course that means sending out my new number to everyone with the message that not to throw away my old number, cause it will come back to me.
my new operator told me that they would have fixed everything until i came back from my vacation. which of course wasn't the case. i now turned to my old operator to make sure that they had really kept the number to hand over to the new operator. you know, i had just made sure of that particular detail 5 times before. but one can never be sure. apparently. they never kept the number to hand over, but instead, it's been quarantined(?) and i can "apply" to get it back, but then i won't have it before 22nd of september!
to tell them that i thought they'd handled my matter inappropriately, i had to send them a letter stating what had gone wrong. and no, i could apparently not talk to anyone in charge of their customer service.

i've sent them the letter. now i have to talk to my new operator and ask them when i will get a new sim-card so i can get off the f*cking refill shit. it's amazing how one must do everything by oneself in order to get it right!