george michael to town

need i say more? who's with me on june 29th for an evening with me and george? promise, we won't get nasty... ;)

just gotta say... im booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooored @ work! it sucks!


me and my dear friend mr a-whole have for the past few days talked about taking a charter trip somewhere in the world. and all we know we want is sun, beach, booze and an all inclusive. i've gone thru all the major charter agencies and just losely looked through some destinations and i can't come over the fact that it's all so f*cking expensive! seriously! i'm ok with 3-4 thousand SEK per person, but double that??! hopefully we can take a last minute trip to the sun. we deserve it. and we need it. yumyum, let's see the sun!


tax free?

called the swedish tax office yesterday. not as scary as i thought it would be, but somewhat of a thriller when put on hold every time a question was asked.
the woman answering was nice and answered fast, within 5 minutes, even though i was number 174 in line. crazy, i thought while i was chattering away about how i accidently misplaced my tax declaration. in the end, she had to take my number and let someone else call back.
dreadfully i asked the big question about me working on iceland and how this is handled between the different countries and boy was that a thrilling ride. we almost debated about the subject and in the end she took my number and told me someone was going to call. not even an hour later (and mind you, it's declaration time in sweden), someone called with the joyful news that since i'd already paid taxes there, i was not to pay taxes in the country i'm living in.
it might seem strange, i know, but in sweden, you're suppose to pay taxes even for working in other countries. which was why i asked.


bye bye telenor

just called my mobilephone company, telenor and broke up with them. it started 7 years ago, when the world was still sweet and the company still nice. and named vodafone. i bought my first phone, a motorola. it had a green display and was also a touch screen. way cool, i thought when i spent my savings. had it for some time, switched to another phone after a couple of years, stood by vodafone, like the faithful customer i am. i liked vodafone. but then, last year, vodafone became telenor. not to my liking. so, 3 months from now, it's tele2 for me. never had them before. let's give them a try.


erykah badu to sweden

finally! on august 10-11th, erykah is attending a festival, "way out west" in gothenburg. the price is only 1200 sek *hurl*

but what don't you do to see the queen of art, love and all that is fair?