yesterday's nice meal

after having a slow day at work, i went home half an hour earlier. and dreamt of a nice meal. a nice dinner. but what was to become friday's nice meal? i gotta say, i was kinda surprised myself! but the nice meal was a nice meal. =)

and i want to share it with you. it's not that hard to make:

3-4 tomatoes
½ leek
3 carrots
½ cauliflower
spinnage leafs
3 hoki fillets
sour cream with french herbs

i started by putting the oven on 200°C. then i sliced the tomatoes and chopped the rest of the vegetables in semi-small pieces. i made a bed of the sliced tomatoes, spread the leek and the carrots. on top of that, i put the fillets and spread the spinnage on the fish. topped it of by pouring/putting/smearing the sour cream so it covered the fish and adding the cauliflower on the sides. in the oven for around 40 minutes (or until the fish was done, actually). i served it with rice, which was delicious.

easy, breezy and most of all... yummie!

and here's a tip of what to listen to while cooking:


Flirting with the future

the renovation has started and i'm currently living in smurf town until it's all over. me, mom and dad went to buy tiles and clinkers. stopped by to see how the renovation progressed. and i had no kitchen. no bathroom. i did have a hole in the wall between. and even funnier, a big ol' hole right where the toilet used to be! and this weekend, i'm throwing out my old refrigerator and that nasty stove i got. i have been blessed with a family that cares and helps, cause my dad will be helping me as well as buying a new kitchen to the apartment!
my boss came over today to our workplace and we had a small chat. i didn't get my salary yesterday, but we quickly resolved that issue. to bad, the department that pays out the salary can't be as quick. but i'll get my money by tuesday at the latest. but that's not what our chat was about. it was more about my future at the company and my potentials. and there was little need of convincing her that i had potential, she made it clear that she was aware that the assignment i'm on right now isn't challenging enough. and we were on the same level that i needed to advance within the firm to stay challenged. maybe work as a teamleader. or at least something with greater responsability. so who knows where i might end after this assignment? but i justed stepped up on the ladder a bit. and that's happy.
last but not least, you all know that me and g-spotted ended our relationship. so, i'm single2mingle, as i say. and i've found myself a date! a cute and intelligent guy, a chemistry technician at KTH who seems really nice. now, i've only talked to him on the net, so i don't know really how he is, but from what i've seen and read, he seems like a pretty good guy. i'll give you guys an update on how the dating goes, but cross your fingers for me. ;)


adopting the dreamkid

i had a nice, but weird dream last night. i was living neighbours with my dear friend sassy s., who in the dream lived with her girlfriend in a house (as instead of an apartment, like she did when we were neighbours for real). all of a sudden she was pregnant and a second later, she had a son. an adorable little son, not unlike my cousin e:s adorable little son, bjarkir steinarr. a happy, nappy little kid. and then they got another kid. and vanished. with their new happy, nappy daughter. and left their son. i found him in the house, happy as ever and took care of him. and he became my own. right before i woke up, i was about to adopt him.

it's time to get kids.


my apartment echoes

well, i still have a kitchen, but i've packed everything belonging in the kitchen. and the bathroom. on monday the workers will start tearing the rooms apart. if you can call it rooms, it's more like small spaces. i've seen closets bigger than my kitchen. but it's my kitchen and i love it.

see, the pipes in the house of where i'm currently staying is in need of an exchange program. we get fresh new pipes visiting our house and the old ones takes a field trip to the junk yard. so this weekend is spent on packing and cleaning. today i have, with the help of two lovely smurfs, washed all of my clothes and packed both the kitchen and the bathroom. and some of the living room. my apartment echoes.

tomorrow is cleaning and moving my stuff to the lovely smurfs, whom i'll be staying with for the time being. and when i'm back, i'll have a whole new apartment (almost)! =)

so my biggest problem right now is which tile i should have... and it's a tricky one!


devils and angels

sweden has a new government. it's about a week old. and it's been surrounded with "scandals"! the ministers haven't paid their tv-licenses and they've paid their babysitters black! OH MY GOD!!! i gotta say, Sweden must be an unbelievably boring country! or at least we have very dull politicians. the people rage against the political world again! how dare they not add incometax on the babysitters salary? or skip paying tv-license, so that sweden can have independent radio and tv-stations? is this really the worst that our politicians can muster up? let's compare to the ongoing scandals in the states. just to take some, the republican party in the states has scandals! a former congressman who mailed young, male employees sexual males. the youngest one was 16. a senior congressman who took bribes. bribes!
bh, and in sweden, the dominating news of this week: the ministers that didn't pay for their tv-license! ta-ta-ta-ta!

news I like: the winner of this year's nobel peace award is a man who started a bank with the idea of financially helping the poor. awesome!



alla som läst svd igår vet att telefonlistor raderats av regeringen. svd berättar att regeringen har en policy om att all telefontrafik ska sparas i ett år. so får, so good. men det kruxiga är att i juli 2005, dvs strax ett halvår efter tsunamin, bestämmer 'nån chef' på regeringskansliet att telefontrafiken 'bara' ska sparas i ett halvår.

den fina loggfilen hade lätt kunnat visa om lars danielsson ringt det där viktiga samtalet som alla undrar över. men det gick inte. den informationen hade raderats.

lustigt ändå är att kansliet sen återgick till sin policy på ett år.
björn nordqvist, som verkar ta på sig ansvaret för raderingen konstaterar att det inte hade något med tsunamin eller lars danielsson att göra, utan att
det var en tid då det var lugnt och man kunde ta tag i frågorna


g-spotted no more

just need to say that g-spot's become a single mingle-person again. g-spotted and i decided that distance and different goals in life were obstacles that made our relationships hard to handle. to hard. the feeling is mixed about the break up. it's hard at times, knowing that 2½ years just got monkey wrenched and that my love is no longer my lover. but it also feels good when it comes to our differences and how this relationship was treated. it is better to give up something with nice memories than surrendering during war.